Being a Nerd – The Myths

So as many of my fellow nerds may know, there are so many lies and myths surrounding us! People get so many stupid ideas of what a nerd is or is not, and frankly, I think we all get sick of it. So here are my top 5 myths about nerds… DEBUNKED!

1. We are unsociable – Seriously? I can see where some might get that idea… But really? People have gotten the idea that nerds never go out and meet people, basically sitting in front of their computer all day. Do we binge watch TV sometimes? (Raises hand and whispers “Once Upon a Time” in embarrassment). Do we occasionally stay at home with a book instead of going to a “fun” party? You better believe it! But it isn’t because we are unsociable, it is because we don’t enjoy those things all the time. Sometimes all we want is a nice quiet evening with our favorite fictional characters (or not so quiet, depending on how hard we fangirl).

2. We are pretentious know-it-alls – Again, I totally see where this could come from. Hipsters, who are often mistaken for nerds, are more likely to be found having this trait. Are there some nerds like that. Yup! But not all of us are. We might come across that way sometimes without meaning to, but it’s only because we happen to know a lot about a certain subject, or we love a certain show, and we don’t understand why everyone else cannot share in that.

3. We are all the same – Have you ever told someone: “Yeah… I’m a bit of a nerd”, and had them ask: “So you must love Star Trek and Doctor Who and all that then?” It’s annoying isn’t it. Sure, I am sure that both of those things are nice, but I do not nerd over them. Nerds are all different, with varying interests. Some nerds are Tolkienites and Potterheads, while others are Trekkies and Whovians. Some are Sherlockians and Oncers. Some people are several of these. Others are all of them. But it is ok, because our differences are what bring us together as fangirls, fanboys, and collectively nerds. I have never met a single nerd who nerds over EVERYTHING that I do, and I dare you to think of a nerd you know who nerds over everything you do.

4. We are weirdos – Have you ever seen nerds advertised like this: That awkward kid with the giant black glasses, bad haircut, and horrible social skills, who also happens to be freaky because he is too good as science for his own good. Sound familiar? *nods head* Sure, Peter Parker was pretty cool, but most nerds DO NOT fit this stereotype. In fact, we look and act about like any other kid you would meet, “about like” being the operative phrase. Sure, we have our awkward moments, and some of us are so stinking smart that it makes me cry because I am not, but we are not weird. We are just like any other kid. Wait… But everyone is weird in their own way, and nerds aren’t afraid to show their weirdness… So doesn’t that make everyone else weird, and us normal? Ok nevermind, that’s a question for another post.

5. Being a nerd = Hating everyone who is not a nerd – Yes, I have seen this myth before, and it makes me VERY angry. One of my best friends is really not a nerd, but I love him like a big brother nonetheless! Being a nerd does not mean that we shun everyone else, just like not being a nerd doesn’t mean you shun the nerds. Unfortunately, that happens far more often than it should.

So there you have it friends! And about being a nerdy fangirl, this is something y’all will want to hear. On February the 15th, all of the different fandoms, all over the world, will be celebrating #FANDOMPOCALYPSE Day. This day is meant to unite all of the fandoms, and show each other that all fandoms are awesome. How does it go? Well, on February the 15th, you will write FANDOMPOCALYPSE in green ink on your left arm when you go to school, the store, or anywhere else. You will wear your fandom gear proudly, and if you don’t own gear, improvise! And whenever you see another person with FANDOMPOCALYPSE written on their arm, you have to go up to them, hug them, and be nice, regardless of how you feel about their fandoms. Yes, this even applies to Twilight. As much as I HATE those books, I will love the fans anyway! Tell us about what you are doing for the day in the comments!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth Passburg
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 22:20:20

    YESSSSS!! Great job debunking the myths. *Nods approval.* I was about to say “I especially loved number so-and-so” but honestly every point was the best… 😀



  2. heavenvision7
    Mar 10, 2014 @ 16:01:26

    Reblogged this on Erithil, the One Moon and commented:
    This, written by a girl I know from Project Inspired, is perfect. Absolutely flawless.



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