Movie Review – “Thor: The Dark World”

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, but I have been having some serious computer issues, which led to my getting a brand new computer, complete with Windows 8 and all the bells and whistles.

Last night my sister and I watched “The: The Dark World” together, and it was our second time seeing it. I had forgotten how much I loved it, and enjoyed just as much the second time as I had the first. I will start, as usual, with what I didn’t like. For starters, the language was a bit heavier in this one as opposed to the first film. Whereas the first film only had a couple of uses of the “d” and “h” words, this film had multiple uses of each, along with one full and one half usage of the “s” word, which was extremely shocking. One scene that I hated was a scene in which Eric Selvig (Who sort of lost his marbles after the events of “The Avengers”) is running around Stonehenge shouting… sans clothing. Fortunately, private areas were pixelated, but it was still extremely uncomfortable to watch.

Now for the good stuff, and there is lots of it! Thor was his usual lovable self, showing how obviously he has grown since his first appearance. Over the course of the film, you begin to see what  a truly caring and noble man he is, even going against his own father to protect his people. Speaking of Odin, we see a different side of him in this film, which is not a actually a good thing. We see a haughty, slightly self serving side of him, and there were multiple instances where I found his parenting skills to be lacking. Jane Foster was every bit as awesome as I remembered her, with her brainy ways, caring heart, and bravery. One of my favorite examples of her courage was a part where a monstrous ship was about to fall on top of Thor, and she covers his body with her own in a futile attempt to save him. Definitely someone to learn from. Now, we all know that this was coming inevitably… it is time to talk about LOKI!!!!!!!! Loki was the first main character that we saw on screen outside of Malekieth, and dominated every scene he was in after that point. Over the course of the film, we see the holes in his carefully constructed walls. He obviously cares for Frigga, his mother, and definitely desires SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER, which seemed to be the main purpose in his helping Thor. We also see a gallant side of him, as he twice in one scene protects Jane, almost dying in one instance. In the end, he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Thor and Jane, in a sob inducing scene that left me in shock.

Darcy Lewis, Jane’s vivacious and goofy intern, has a chance to shine here as well, proving her mettle several times, as well as finding… Love? The film resounds with messages about family, love, and sacrifice, and the scene before the credits left me screaming. WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED????? The mid credits scene was a bit odd, apparently connecting to the upcoming film “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The after credits scene however, was the most beautifully cheesy, romantic running-into-each-other’s-arms scene ever. Overall, “Thor: The Dark World” did not disappoint, and was even better than the first film. The language, however, forces me to bump a star off of an otherwise stellar review. So I give “Thor: The Dark World” 4 stars out of 5. Teens will definitely enjoy this film!


New Promo for “Once Upon a Time” Season 3 Part 2


A new promo for the second half of season three of the hit show “Once Upon a Time” has come out, and despite the poor quality of the video, raises more questions and had caused even more excitement for the next episodes, the first of which will air on Sunday, March the 9th. In this promo, we get to see even more of the Wicked Witch, and even a glimpse or two of her flying monkeys(I understood that reference). There is even a mysterious scene in which we see Prince Charming lying on the ground, being approached by a cloaked figure. Watch and see for yourself!

TV Review – Murdoch Mysteries


So just the other day, my mother stumbled across a TV show while searching for something on Amazon. We recognized the lead actor, Yannick Bisson, from the show Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, so my mom decided to check it out. After watching all of the first season, and about 5 episodes of the second season, I am giving Murdoch Mysteries a rating of PG-13 and 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

The show follows Detective William Murdoch, during the late 1800s thru early 1900s as he solves some of the most puzzling mysteries in the city of Toronto. He uses “newfangled” methods, that are very uncommon at the time, such as finger printing, lie detectors, even x-rays, all with the limited technology of the time period. He also happens to be a Catholic, in a largely Protestant city, which occasionally comes into play in certain episodes. Other characters are Julia Ogden, a pathologist whom Murdoch happens to have feelings for, Constable Crabtree, Murdoch’s friend and fellow officer, and Inspector Brackenreid, Murdoch’s boss.

I will start with the things I didn’t like, since I like to save the best for last! For starters, they do use the B—-rd word a few times in every episode, and Inspector Brackenreid has a bad habit of using the word “hell” in the wrong way. They also used the other “B” word once, but in historical context, there is nothing vulgar about it. There is also a bit of violence, but considering the show revolves around solving murders, that is to be expected. There is some blood, and we often get pretty good views of the wounds on murder victims, though it is much better than anything you would see in a “modern” mystery show. Another thing, though less minor, is that many of the murder victims were involved in adultery and other things; in one episode, a man was making advances on his adopted daughter. The most disturbing example of this was an episode in which the murder victim was a homosexual, and a greater part of the episode revolves around trying to discover if it was his partner who killed him. Fortunately, the episode did not seem to be “promoting” the lifestyle per se. In fact, Murdoch expressed multiple times during the episode that he believed it was wrong. Another homosexual character in the episode commits suicide, due to the treatment by those who discovered his lifestyle, leaving us with a question: How should Christians respond to homosexuality. We must find a balance between standing on the truths of God’s word, while still loving our fellow man as God loves us.

OK, now for what I do like! The show is entertaining, especially in the form of Constable George Crabtree, who is a sort of sidekick to Murdoch. There is no rude humor that I have noticed; all the laughs are clean and entertaining. The budding romance between Murdoch and Julia is innocent and sweet, especially since Murdoch seems to be struggling to express his feelings. The characters hold justice in the highest regard, and Murdoch refuses to see innocent people go to jail or hang for crimes they didn’t commit. He often is looked on as odd by his superiors, due to his progressive techniques, but he never lets that deter him. Another great thing? For once, he is a main character who lives a lifestyle that I would model. He does not drink, cuss, or have steamy, sexual relationships. He treats everyone fairly and values truth and justice.

Overall, I think anyone 14/15 and up should be able to enjoy this show, if you don’t mind the things that I mentioned. I will probably review more as I watch more episodes, as there are 6 1/2 seasons thus far! If you love mysteries, then this show is definitely for you!

Awesome YouTuber Who Nerds Should Love!


Don’t know how many of y’all have heard of Peter Hollens, but he is pretty much one of the most amazing YouTubers ever! He has done covers of LOTR songs, Star Wars, Skyrim, and a bunch of other stuff! Check him out and make sure to subscribe! >>> While you’re at it, could y’all pretty please check out my music videos on my channel? I would totally appreciate it!

Sad News For Hunger Games Fans


As most of you have probably heard, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who played Plutarch Heveansbee in The Hunger Games “Catching Fire”, died last weekend of an apparent drug overdose. It saddens me greatly, as I was blown away by his performance in “Catching Fire”. He died all too soon, and it grieves me to think that he was using drugs. Fortunately, almost all of his scenes for “Mockingjay” Parts 1 and 2 were completed. The few that he had not filmed will still be in the movie, as the filmmakers will attempt to digitally recreate his image. I have been praying for his family and friends, and praying that hopefully he was saved, and that now he is in heaven. The world is grieving the death of a great actor. Keep his family and friends in your prayers. Rest in Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman. *three finger salute*

#FANDOMPOCALYPSE Day – Calling all Fangirls and Fanboys!



Hello, followers, friends, and people of all kinds. This is for any fangirl or fanboy, anywhere in the world at all. I have realized that fandoms generally judge each other, we are never united. But we are all more or less the same. We are all obsessed about things (more like people) who we know we will never meet. We ALL love something so much, that no one can begin to understand. More on that later. *right in the feels*

Anyway, to the point, we need to be more united. So I have thought up #Fandompocalypse Day.” Whether you are in a book fandom, a show fandom, a band fandom, a webcomic fandom, an anime fandom, or any other fandom AT ALL about ANYTHING, this is for YOU.

On February 15, the day after Valentine’s day, it is “Fandompocalypse Day.” Write “Fandompocalypse” on your left arm in green ink (even though that’s supposedly not a creative color) and wear ANY article of clothing that has to do with your fandom. This includes cosplay, T-shirts, pants, hats, headbands, or anything that has to do with your fandom at all. You can even act like your favorite character all day, for all I care. Just participate!!!

My point is, we need to be united as one for at least this day. There is one more thing that is a part of this day. If you see any other person that has “Fandompocalypse” on their left arm, you must go up and say hey to them, hug them, whatever. It doesn’t matter if they are a part of the fandom you normally detest, we are ALL fangirls and fanboys, we shouldn’t judge each other!

The last matter of business, get this spread ALL over. On Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, anywhere else, whatever. Use the hashtag “#FANDOMPOCALYPSE” on your pic, and tell your friends about it. Let’s make this happen, fandoms!!! Now go and spread the news!!

Awesome Weekend with Nerds

This past weekend I attended Georgia 4-H Southeast District Project Achievement with a group of 4-Hers from my county. I am pleased to announce that I placed second in my category, with my speech on writing a novel, and that I will be going to State Congress this summer. Among this group of 4-Hers were a few nerds, much like myself. There was one who has even self published a novel! Some hilarious things resulted from this group of nerds being together.

1. Nerds and British… Those words sound really nice together, and apparently one of my fellow 4Hers agreed. He spent a greater part of the first day trying to convince everyone that he was British, and he did very well! He has a great British accent.

2. Underground Doctor Who fandom… Apparently Doctor Who has a great underground network. People pop up all the time, perfect strangers, who love Doctor Who. A notable incident among many this weekend? I and several others were leaving the dining hall, and I and another 4Her were discussing how there should be an episode where The Doctor goes to Middle Earth. A guy whom I had never met was walking in front of us and suddenly turned around and asked: “Did you say something about THE DOCTOR?”

3. Middle Earth friends… In my category, one of the judges was apparently a Tolkien fan, as on one of my comment cards she said that The Hobbit is a great movie. She probably noticed my many references to Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in both my speech and portfolio.

4. I met several fellow authors, two of them in my category giving speeches on writing novels. It was an awesome experience being with so many people like me!

I almost wish that #FANDOMPOCALYPSE Day had been this past weekend. Can you imagine how many nerds would have come out of the woodwork if it had been?

Captain America 2 – NEW TRAILER!!!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly! A new trailer aired during the Super Bowl game tonight, and has already made it’s way to the wonderful land of the internet. This new trailer raises all sorts of new questions, making the wait until April even harder. One scene in particular that has fans concerned is a scene of the characters standing over a shrouded body, Natasha Romanoz, aka. Black Widow, looking heartbroken. Somebody is obviously going to die, but who? Some fans speculate Nick Fury, others The Falcon, a new superhero who is being introduced in this film. Watch and see for yourself, and tell me your thoughts!



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