#FANDOMPOCALYPSE Day – Calling all Fangirls and Fanboys!



Hello, followers, friends, and people of all kinds. This is for any fangirl or fanboy, anywhere in the world at all. I have realized that fandoms generally judge each other, we are never united. But we are all more or less the same. We are all obsessed about things (more like people) who we know we will never meet. We ALL love something so much, that no one can begin to understand. More on that later. *right in the feels*

Anyway, to the point, we need to be more united. So I have thought up #Fandompocalypse Day.” Whether you are in a book fandom, a show fandom, a band fandom, a webcomic fandom, an anime fandom, or any other fandom AT ALL about ANYTHING, this is for YOU.

On February 15, the day after Valentine’s day, it is “Fandompocalypse Day.” Write “Fandompocalypse” on your left arm in green ink (even though that’s supposedly not a creative color) and wear ANY article of clothing that has to do with your fandom. This includes cosplay, T-shirts, pants, hats, headbands, or anything that has to do with your fandom at all. You can even act like your favorite character all day, for all I care. Just participate!!!

My point is, we need to be united as one for at least this day. There is one more thing that is a part of this day. If you see any other person that has “Fandompocalypse” on their left arm, you must go up and say hey to them, hug them, whatever. It doesn’t matter if they are a part of the fandom you normally detest, we are ALL fangirls and fanboys, we shouldn’t judge each other!

The last matter of business, get this spread ALL over. On Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, anywhere else, whatever. Use the hashtag “#FANDOMPOCALYPSE” on your pic, and tell your friends about it. Let’s make this happen, fandoms!!! Now go and spread the news!!


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