TV Review – Murdoch Mysteries


So just the other day, my mother stumbled across a TV show while searching for something on Amazon. We recognized the lead actor, Yannick Bisson, from the show Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, so my mom decided to check it out. After watching all of the first season, and about 5 episodes of the second season, I am giving Murdoch Mysteries a rating of PG-13 and 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

The show follows Detective William Murdoch, during the late 1800s thru early 1900s as he solves some of the most puzzling mysteries in the city of Toronto. He uses “newfangled” methods, that are very uncommon at the time, such as finger printing, lie detectors, even x-rays, all with the limited technology of the time period. He also happens to be a Catholic, in a largely Protestant city, which occasionally comes into play in certain episodes. Other characters are Julia Ogden, a pathologist whom Murdoch happens to have feelings for, Constable Crabtree, Murdoch’s friend and fellow officer, and Inspector Brackenreid, Murdoch’s boss.

I will start with the things I didn’t like, since I like to save the best for last! For starters, they do use the B—-rd word a few times in every episode, and Inspector Brackenreid has a bad habit of using the word “hell” in the wrong way. They also used the other “B” word once, but in historical context, there is nothing vulgar about it. There is also a bit of violence, but considering the show revolves around solving murders, that is to be expected. There is some blood, and we often get pretty good views of the wounds on murder victims, though it is much better than anything you would see in a “modern” mystery show. Another thing, though less minor, is that many of the murder victims were involved in adultery and other things; in one episode, a man was making advances on his adopted daughter. The most disturbing example of this was an episode in which the murder victim was a homosexual, and a greater part of the episode revolves around trying to discover if it was his partner who killed him. Fortunately, the episode did not seem to be “promoting” the lifestyle per se. In fact, Murdoch expressed multiple times during the episode that he believed it was wrong. Another homosexual character in the episode commits suicide, due to the treatment by those who discovered his lifestyle, leaving us with a question: How should Christians respond to homosexuality. We must find a balance between standing on the truths of God’s word, while still loving our fellow man as God loves us.

OK, now for what I do like! The show is entertaining, especially in the form of Constable George Crabtree, who is a sort of sidekick to Murdoch. There is no rude humor that I have noticed; all the laughs are clean and entertaining. The budding romance between Murdoch and Julia is innocent and sweet, especially since Murdoch seems to be struggling to express his feelings. The characters hold justice in the highest regard, and Murdoch refuses to see innocent people go to jail or hang for crimes they didn’t commit. He often is looked on as odd by his superiors, due to his progressive techniques, but he never lets that deter him. Another great thing? For once, he is a main character who lives a lifestyle that I would model. He does not drink, cuss, or have steamy, sexual relationships. He treats everyone fairly and values truth and justice.

Overall, I think anyone 14/15 and up should be able to enjoy this show, if you don’t mind the things that I mentioned. I will probably review more as I watch more episodes, as there are 6 1/2 seasons thus far! If you love mysteries, then this show is definitely for you!


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