I Am Done With the Oscars

So last night was the “big night” in Hollywood, where the rich and famous gather to see who wins a trophy from the high and mighty critics. As much as I enjoy seeing if my favorite films win, and seeing some of the truly gorgeous (and occasionally classy) dresses, this year has made me lose hope for the future of the movie industry. From the HORRIBLE nominee list that contained any number of trashy films, to the annual review of EVERY single actresses’ outfit, this year was not a good year. In a recent poll by Reuters/Ipsos, 1,433 Americans were asked if they had seen any of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture. 67% said that they had yet to see any of the films. Pretty telling about popular opinion. So you may ask: What films and actors/actresses do you think should have been recognized? Well, here is my list of movies and people who should have won Oscars.

1: “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”. – Hands down the best movie of 2013, DoS, like “An Unexpected Journey”, went above and beyond any expectations I had. Even the things that I was determined not to like ended up becoming some of my favorite things about the movie. Richard Armitage was once again an amazing Thorin, and Martin Freeman was every bit as wonderful as Bilbo. I think Evangeline Lilly deserves credit for her role as Tauriel as well, especially considering all the hate that people have for her character. I personally loved it. Did the whole “romance” need to be there? No. Did I enjoy it and feel it added something to the film? You bet! Smaug… What do I say about Smaug? He was every bit as majestic as I imagined him to be! Move over Thorin Oakenshield! Overall, I feel that the diversions from the book made the film much more enjoyable as a whole.

2: “Catching Fire” – A huge step up from the horrible job of the first film, “Catching Fire” demonstrated that sticking to the book is a surefire way to make a great movie (With the exception of The Hobbit. If you have read the book you would get why). Jennifer Lawrence once again shone in her role as Katniss Everdeen, and Josh Hutcherson was impressive as Peeta. The film itself was emotional, dramatic, and moving, and left the viewer hungry for more. Donald Sutherland was incredible as the diabolical President Snow, and newcomers like Sam Claflin and Jenna Malone proved their mettle as characters like Finnick and Johanna. This film definitely deserved an Oscar.

3: Tom Hiddleston – While I don’t see “Thor: The Dark World” winning an Oscar, Tom Hiddleston more than deserves an Oscar for once again being an awesome Loki. With his knack for making it impossible to hate the character and making the character both heartbreaking and frustrating, he should receive some credit. His performance made me cry at multiple points in the film. Why can’t class acts like Tom Hiddleston get more recognition?

4: Jennifer Lawrence – Yes, I mentioned her already. But the fact that she was completely snubbed at the Oscars makes me very upset. Do I like the movie she was nominated for her role in? No. But she still deserves awards. She is one of the few actresses out there who is real. She has a real body, a real face, makes real mistakes, and has a real love for food. She is always radiant and smiling, and never lets falling down, whether on stage or on the red carpet, get her down. She should have gotten something for her performance at Katniss.

So I know that a lot of people would disagree with me, and that is OK! I just fail to see why the truly good movies that people actually watch cannot seem to win anything.


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