My Favorite Fandom Ships!

Rumplestiltskin and Belle (OUAT) – Better known as Rumbelle to Oncers, this ship is one of the best ever. Rumplestiltskin, better known as Rumple, and Belle, are basically straight from Beauty and the Beast! Rumple is damaged, his past leaving him scarred, and his power leaving him a bit mad. Belle is brave, honest, and sees the good in him from the start. They are a great example of what true love is all about. Seeing past the outer appearances to the person underneath. Rumple isn’t all that attractive, and he can be downright evil at times, but Belle sees through his outward actions to the hurting person underneath.

The Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who) – Definitely one of the cutest things ever! When the 9th Doctor first meets Rose, he is angry, damaged, and guilty over what he (thought) he did to the Time Lords. When he invites Rose to travel with him, he begins to soften towards her. When he regenerates, he and Rose get to know each other even better, and he helps her become a better person. And Rose truly loved the Doctor, and was willing to risk everything, even her life to be with him. She loved him almost to a fault. When they were separated, it was one of the single most heartbreaking things I had ever watched in my life.

Guy and Marian (BBC Robin Hood) – Yes, I ship them over Robin and Marian. My reasons? Well, first off, Robin claimed to love Marian, yet never acted upon that statement. He was constantly doing this or that. And Robin didn’t seem to think that Marian was capable of being the Nightwatchman (*cough* woman *cough*), trying to stop her because he thought her incapable. Guy was there for Marian, even trying to help her when her father died. Sure, he hurt her in many ways, but in the end, he still loved her deeply and truly, being willing to die fighting by her side. Of course, the Sheriff was manipulative, and seemed to have some sort of control over Guy, leading him and Marian to disagree, and in the end, he was driven mad by the Sheriff and destroyed the one thing he truly loved. *sobs in corner*

Faramir and Eowyn (LOTR) – While they did not get much attention in the movie, this is one of the most beautiful love stories you will ever read. Seriously, if you think the movie was lame, read the books. These two damaged people, who were both hurting and broken, came together and found healing and hope. Eowyn discovered what it really meant to love, and Faramir found the healing balm he needed to fill the void left by Boromir’s death. That was one of the things in the movie that irks me to no end. They put so much Aragorn and Arwen(who had very little attention in the book) that they had no time for Faramir and Eowyn.

The list could get long, because there are so many others! QueenThief, Snowcharming, and Doctor Ruby in Once Upon a Time. Allan and Kate, Much and Eve, and Will and D’jaq in Robin Hood. Amy and Rory, Martha and Mickey, and Barbara and Ian in Doctor Who. And so many others! Who are your favorite ships, and why?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beth Passburg
    Mar 23, 2014 @ 14:25:21

    Oh my goodness… 900% yes to Guy and Marian and Faramir and Eowyn ❤ ❤


    Oh, and one ship that I've randomly begun sailing is Thor and Sif… ;D



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