Movie Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


So last night I finally had the opportunity to see what is being called by some the first real blockbuster of the year. It broke the record for best April box office opening, and is currently the number one movie in the world. Is it worthy of the accolade? My thoughts? DEFINITELY! Worthy of an Oscar in my personal opinion!

Let’s start with the characters. Obviously, Steve Rodgers is back, and this time his character is even better. We explore more about his beliefs, and his dedication to justice and freedom. There is one scene between him and an old, dear friend which absolutely broke my heart, because we see just what his being frozen for 70 years caused. We also see fellow Avenger Natasha Romanov, better known to some as Black Widow. She definitely shines in this film, revealing the depths of her character and making a pretty big sacrifice in order to save a lot of people. I loved how all throughout the movie, she was wearing a necklace with an arrow on it. A gift from Hawkeye? A new character was introduced in this film: Sam Whitaker, better known to some as the Falcon. He will be in the next Avengers film according to reports, so while we didn’t get to know a whole lot about him in this film, we will definitely be seeing more of him again. Sam turned out to be a delightful character, who becomes a great friend to Captain America. We also see the return of several familiar faces, including Nick Fury, Agent Maria Hill, and a couple of old friends from Captain America.

The plot itself gets off to a “running” start (no pun intended for those who have seen the film), and gets us right into the action after briefly introducing us to Sam. After this, it is pretty much nonstop action, from rescuing a ship from pirates, to running from a dangerous assassin known only as the Winter Soldier. Throughout the film, Captain America, Black Widow, and the Falcon, discover dangerous secrets about S.H.I.E.L.D., fight against mysterious forces, and must decide what to do when the very people that are supposed to be protecting them betray them.

The biggest problem I had with this film was the amount of violence. People get hit with fists, shields, falling objects, etc. Bullets fly often, though we rarely see the aftermath, as well as knives once or twice. Several people are electrocuted, and we see several car crashes. Thankfully, it is relatively bloodless, minus some bullet wounds, and one scene in which we see a burned body that looks pretty gross. There is also some language, but thankfully the worst word we hear is sort of covered by a bunch of explosions. We hear the d, h, and one of the b words, the worst, like I said, is the “s” word. Cap and Natasha do share one kiss, but it is not sexual in any way.

Captain America was an incredible movie with a great political thriller twist, that is sure to please longtime Marvel fans and newbies alike. I give it 4 1/2 stars out of five, and recommend it to teens!


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