Big News for Hobbit Fans!!!

It’s official: “The Hobbit: There and Back Again” has been renamed to “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies”. The fandom is going nuts right now, sides are being chosen. There are those who love the new title, those who hate it, and those who don’t care either way. I am in the camp of those who loves it, though I did have a special place in my heart for the original title. What many people do not realize is that this “new” title, was actually the title they originally had in mind. I think the new title, while hard to get used to, is cool, and will please the purists who were afraid that the Battle of the Five Armies wouldn’t even be in the film.

In other news, my mom and younger brother watched “The Hunger Games” for the first time last night. I was cool with it… But for the fact that my brother has never read the books, which happen to be WAY better. Watching it for a third time with people who haven’t read the books makes me realize even more just how bad the first film was. Half of the stuff would only be understood by people who have read the books, so I spent a great deal of time explaining stuff to my brother. While an book to film movie should be made with the goal of reaching people who HAVE read the books, I feel like “Catching Fire” did a better job of reaching people who have not read the books.

Sorry for not posting in over a week! I went on vacation with my family and had a great time! I even got my picture with the Avengers! Pictures will be coming soon!


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