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So I finally (tried) to jump on the Sherlock bandwagon, after being nagged by my sister, my friends at church, and pretty much everyone I follow on Pinterest. I was initially a bit wary, but I was impressed. So what did I think?

Well, I will start with the pros. The show was definitely engaging, and I loved that the episodes were so long. It made it feel more like watching a series of movies! The characters were really well thought out for the most part as well. As much as I really dislike Benedict Cumberbatch, his performance of Sherlock was flawless. He really did a great job of playing the calculating, detached man who deep down inside wants to have friends and family. I actually found that I related to Sherlock on a certain level. His mind works differently than that of the average person, and for that he is often regarded as weird or crazy by his peers. John was also a great character, though I had to keep telling myself NOT to think of Bilbo Baggins the entire time! John was such a likable character, despite his flaws, and Martin Freeman really did a great job of bringing him to life. The villains were always AMAZING… and creepy. Moriarty especially. More on that later. As for side characters, I loved Lestrade. He obviously cares a lot about Sherlock, but also gets VERY annoyed with him. Mrs. Hudson was a great character too, a mother figure to Sherlock and John. Molly was a nice character too, though I feel she was really underused, more on that later.

Now for the cons, and sadly this list is long. The language was EXTREME. Up to this point, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the edgiest thing that I have watched in terms of language, but it seems benign to Sherlock. They use God’s name in vain often, as well as the D and H words. They also have a habit of using the B words and occasionally saying the S and F words, though these are usually cut off. The sexual content was a bit much as well. I actually skipped the entire first episode of season two because I had been warned about the content. I did read a summary though. There were a lot of relationships that seemed inappropriate, mainly people having sex outside of marriage. It was also frustrating to see so many people assuming that Sherlock and John were homosexual, but I appreciated that both the characters were quick to correct people on that point. There was a fair amount of violence, though I have seen some worse in other shows. This is a murder mystery after all. The villains were usually pretty freaky, Moriarty being a standout. He might give the very sensitive people nightmares, because he is definitely NOT a guy you would want to invite over for dinner.

My other complaint about the show is the fact that two characters were underused, both of whom had GREAT potential. Anderson, who I assumed from the start would be a great “anti hero” type of person, turned out to be a character who only popped up every few episodes to make a sarcastic comment. And the whole thing with his going crazy in season 3 really ruined the character for me. The other character is Molly. She has so much potential to be a great love interest and friend to Sherlock, but she only appears briefly in the episodes she is in, and Sherlock usually just says something rude to her. I feel like Moffat could do so much more with her, and it would be nice to capitalize on that next season.

With all this in mind, my general thought is that while Sherlock is a good show, with great characters and a good plot, the content is enough to keep me from recommending it. I will await the next season, but not with the giddy anticipation I feel for Doctor Who currently. My rating? I give the show 2 stars out of five. If it weren’t for the content, I would gladly give this show a five star rating, but unfortunately, Moffat has failed to win me over.


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  1. Melenie
    Jul 18, 2014 @ 19:17:11

    I am a homeschooler and Christian as well and I really like reading your blog, I find it very interesting and think that you make a lot of good points. But this post confused me. I thought the language was incredibly mild. Also, it confuses me as to why almost everyone I know who watches the show skips the first episode of the second season, or is horrified if they do watch it. My older brother and I watched it when it came out and thought that it was one of the better put together and interesting episodes. That episode introduces you to Irene Adler, who is Sherlock’s only real “love interest” in the whole film. I understand that the work of a Dominatrix is not exactly “godly”, but her profession is not glorified at all. I have no problem watching something like that that does not glorify the sin being committed. Why do so many so many “Christians” freak out about things like this? Frankly, it is a sin, right along with the sin of self-righteousness. Why focus on this sin, and not watch an episode because of it, and then watch plenty of movies where people lie, steal, treat others with disrespect. I normally LOVE your reviews and posts, but this one really confused me. Sherlock is a fundamentally flawed person, and the series portrays him as such. In the same light, so is Irene Adler and the series portrays her as such. In the episode you do see parts of her , as the French would say “nue”, but you don’t see much at all. My younger brother is not allowed to see those few minutes in the episode, but other than that he is fine. Why do most Christians I run into have issues with the human body? It’s there and we all know what it looks like. I hope I don’t sound too critical. I just have some questions that keep floating around in my mind. 🙂 Sorry to go on this ramble….I really do enjoy reading your posts though. Respectively, Melenie



    • lotrwritinggeek
      Jul 19, 2014 @ 20:06:31

      Hey Melenie! I am so glad to actually get some feedback! I can see where you might be confused. I will say that another reason I skipped the first episode of season 2 is because my mother would not be pleased if I watched that one! I might someday, but for now, it is about a personal conviction. 🙂 For example: Some people feel a personal conviction that The Hunger Games is sinful because of the violence. I do not have that conviction and actually find it to be eye opening in many ways. This was my personal review, and I chose to skip that episode. For the record though, I did read a very detailed summary, which I actually found quite intriguing. I hope to see the episode someday when I am comfortable with it!



      • Melenie
        Jul 24, 2014 @ 10:40:11

        Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I totally see where you are coming from with the whole personal conviction thing. Just throwing this out there, but you should do a review on the Hunger Games…I’m a big fan of them. 🙂


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