Fandom Updates – Pictures and Trailers and Comic-Con, OH MY!!!!


So with Comic Con going on recently, there have been numerous BIG happenings in fandoms. Once Upon a Time, MARVEL, The Hobbit, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games… It is almost too much to handle! (Be aware that spoilers will be contained in the following sections. The spoilers will be whited out, you will have to highlight them if you want to read them.)

In the Once Upon a Time fandom: They showed AT LEAST two clips from the upcoming season, one of which I have seen. The first is of Elsa and Anna (*squeals*) preparing for what seems to be Anna’s wedding to Kristoff (*squeals even louder*). The second, which I have seen, is of Regina, visiting Sydney, who is still in prison. She asks him for her mirror, telling him that there is someone (Marian?) in the way of her happy ending, and that she needs to get rid of her.  Other news is that two new cast members have joined the show. The first is John Rys-Davies, known for his Role as Gimli in Lord of the Rings. He joins the cast as Pabbie the rock troll! (*SQUEEEEEE*). The other is Tyler Jacob Moore, who will be playing… Prince Hans of the Southern Isles. (DUN DUN DUN)

In the MARVEL fandom: We learned of three new characters joining the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lucy Lawless joins that cast as Isabelle Hartley, a knife-wielding SHIELD veteran. Nick Blood will be playing Lance Hunter, a mercenary who will be fighting alongside our agents. Last is Reed Diamond, who will be playing David Whitehall, who is a member of Hydra and known by an alias, the Kraken.

In the Doctor Who fandom: One major announcement… veteran film director Peter Jackson will be directing an episode of series eight *runs around house screaming with joy*.

In The Hunger Games fandom: The official teaser trailer for “Mockingjay – Part One” has been released. The trailer delivers plenty of excitement, with new scenes of the rebellion, but holds back just enough to leave you desperate for more, showing brief clips of President Snow, Katniss, Plutarch, and NO appearances from Peeta, Finnick, or Johanna. Unfortunately my computer was being quite dumb this morning, and would not allow me to post the link to the trailer here.

And finally, in The Hobbit fandom: The official teaser for “Battle of the Five Armies” was released yesterday, causing the fandom to go nuts in a matter of minutes. The trailer certainly delivers, bringing us lots of action clips, and several lines of dialogue. We also saw a brief glimpse of Thranduil in action, as well as an amazing clip of Smaug as he destroys Laketown.

So there you have it, the most recent updates in all of the fandoms. In other news, I am going to start a video blog thingy soon. My first video will be on spoilers, and I am eager to hear what you guys would like me to do videos on! Stay nerdy!


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