Doctor Who Episode Review – “Deep Breath”

So last night, the long awaited first episode of Series 8 aired, bringing Doctor Who fans around the world running to their TVs. Some were excited out of their minds, thrilled about the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. Others were going to watch, but had little hope for the results they would get, disappointed by the older Doctor, hating Clara, and overall not enjoying themselves. Then there were some, like myself, who were cautiously optimistic about the new Doctor, thrilled about Clara, and a bit worried about Moffat’s meaning behind the words: “Moving the show in a more adult direction”. (SPOILERS are contained in the following review)

The episode hit the group running, bringing us to Victorian London, where we see the Paternoster gang checking out the gigantic T-Rex that is scaring the citizenry. They are bewildered when it seems that the T-Rex is choking on something, and we soon are treated to the TARDIS being regurgitated out of the dinosaur’s mouth. So lovely! (not)

We then meet the 12th Doctor, fresh out of regeneration, experiencing a pretty bad case of regeneration sickness. (not quite as bad as the 6th Doctor’s. He tried to kill his companion. All 12 did was yell at everyone and act a little crazy). He proceeds to pass out, prompting Vastra to say what the Brigadier of Class Who used to say. “Here we go again…” My reaction to this scene was basically this:

disney animated GIF

We return to the house of the Paternosters, where the the Doctor sleeps and Vastra has an ever so slightly weird conversation with Clara. Like, I honestly sat through the whole thing like this:

John "wait what?" gif

Until Clara totally told Vastra off! It was like Clara’s awesomeness went up times 1000! 😀 I especially loved Jenny’s reaction. While all this weirdness is going on, the Doctor is sneaking out and talking to the previously mentioned dinosaur. We watch as the dinosaur bursts into flame before the Doctor’s eyes. We are also treated to a scene where the enemy for this episode reveals himself. A strange half-human, half-droid who apparently murders a guy for his eyeballs. EW!

After all this, the Doctor disappears, leaving Clara at the house with the Paternoster gang. None of them seem to believe that the Doctor will return, but Clara refuses to give up hope. This is the point where certain aspects of the storyline began to bother me(more on that later). We witness the Doctor freaking out a poor little homeless dude because apparently, the Doctor hates his new eye brows. I mean, you can hardly blame him though, considering that his previous self had NO eyebrows worth speaking of!

Clara finds an ad in the paper: IMPOSSIBLE GIRL. And figures out that the Doctor wants to meet her for lunch at a restaurant. When the Doctor arrives at the restaurant, they realize that neither one of them put the ad in the paper. This is where I truly began enjoying the episode. The banter between the Doctor and Clara was so much fun! I had several giggle fits during that scene. They quickly realize that the restaurant is a trap, run by the creepy thing that I mentioned earlier. They are trapped by these strange things, and the Doctor begins to wonder if perhaps he has encountered these species before. He leaves Clara alone, and she is captured by the… creatures? I don’t know what to call them. Again, Clara showed her true mettle, bravely facing down these enemies alone, not knowing if the Doctor would save her this time. I wanted to jump up and give a loud cheer for her. And then there was the poignant moment when she reached behind her, believing that the Doctor, even in his new form, would still have her back. And he did! The Paternosters come to save the day and…

Ok, no more spoilers. If you are reading this and haven’t seen it, then you need to watch it to know the end. A few words of warning however… For Christians, the relationship between Vastra and Jenny poses a moral problem. It has been made known in the past that they are married, but it was never dwelt upon or made a big deal out of, which I appreciated. Unfortunately, it was pushed to the point of being uncomfortably forced. Even people who don’t care about the fact that they are lesbians felt it was a bit much. The real kicker was a scene where they “kissed”. I could feel myself wanting to scream at Moffat at this point, but thankfully it was short lived.

My overall thoughts on the episode: The first 45 minutes were… Alright. Too much Vastra and Jenny, and the Doctor was a bit cuckoo! Last hour or so? Minus one or two scenes, pure AMAZINGNESS! I never expected to love this Doctor as much as I do, and I eagerly await the next episode!



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  1. Jessica
    Aug 27, 2014 @ 22:14:02

    You literally described how I felt the whole episode. I can’t wait to read more of your reviews, this was great!!!



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