Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Peter Pan


Now, before I begin this character analysis, I need to make the uninformed person aware of a basic fact. If you haven’t watched the show, and don’t want it spoiled, read on at your own risk.

In OUAT, Peter Pan is evil . Not an anti-hero, not even just a bad guy. He is, as Captain Hook said in the show, “A demon”. Peter Pan is one of the few villains in any book, movie, or TV show who has legitimately scared me. And I don’t scare easily when it comes to villains, so that says a lot. I actually had trouble getting to sleep in the darkness of my bedroom after I watched the episodes with him.

Name: Peter Pan

Characteristics: Witty, smart, likes to “play games”, devious, thinks himself more intelligent than anyone else.

Why do I like this character?: Well… I guess I appreciate that he is so well acted. Like I said earlier, I DO NOT get scared of most villains in fiction, whether on screen or in a book. But Peter Pan was so well acted that he scared me. And I must say that I loved his little sarcastic one liners to various characters. And, one must confess that he is a bit attractive. 😛

Why do I dislike this character?: Outside of the obvious: “HE’S SO STINKIN’ EVIL!”, I find that his tendency to smirk and act as if everyone is beneath him is more than a little obnoxious. I also despise him because of what he did to his son, and the fact that he has NO regret in him whatsoever.

Favorite quotes: Hook: “She’s finally starting to see me as the man I truly am.” Pan: “What? A one handed pirate with a drinking problem?” (Remember those one liners I mentioned? xD)

“Because I’m Peter Pan… And Peter Pan never fails.”

“You here to pwotect your woved ones?” (and yes, I typed it like that because that’s how he says it)

“Well if you won’t eat it then I will.”

Other thoughts: We all know that OUAT has a pretty crazy family tree, so I will explain where Pan fits. Pan is Rumplestiltskin’s father, Neal/Baelfire’s grandfather, and Henry’s great-grandfather. Make sense now? xD And while Pan was freaky, I do almost miss him. Zelena(The Wicked Witch) seemed tame compared to him. I do hope that he might come back sometime! 🙂


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