Thought for the Week – In Our Weakness He is Strong

Over the last few weeks, I have been faced with many moments of weakness. I have been tempted to sin, and I have felt helpless and hurt. In these moments of weakness, I have found myself leaning on God, and allowing Him to be my strength. Fact is, I cannot overcome temptation by my own strength. God’s strength is the only thing through which I can do that. And no human can comfort me the way God can. In our momentz of weakness, we must learn to depend on God instead of depending on our own strength. We are nothing without Him.

This thought for the week is a bit short because I am on vacation and doing it from my phone. Which is also why my Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time reviews must wait. I haven’t even watched them yet! 😥 I should be caught up by the weekend! Have a great week everyone!


Doctor Who Episode Review – “Time Heist”

While I did miss the first 10 minutes of the episode, it in no way diminished my enjoyment of this particular episode. One of my personal favorites so far, Time Heist delivers a fast paced, if somewhat confusing adventure that shows off more of the Doctor’s daring side.

The entire episode revolves around the Doctor, Clara, and a small team of supercool people being told to rob a bank by someone called the architect. Why they were asked, and who this “Architect” is, remains a mystery until the episode’s ending(though I guessed about halfway through because I am smart). I enjoyed the other two robbers, they were enjoyable characters! Psi is a cyborg thingy, who is a bit suspicious of the Doctor, but in the end turns out to be a fine ally. And Saibra is a shapeshifter, who takes on the form of whomever she touches. Both of these characters, while confused as to why they are doing this, both help the Doctor and Clara willingly.

I think one of my favorite parts in the episode was the “Teller”. A strange and extremely creepy monster, it can turn people’s brains into mush without killing them, leaving their heads looking very… odd. *shudder* I also enjoyed Ms. Delephox. A very unique character, who, while very creepy, still managed to be pretty interesting. I guess my complaint about this episode was the fact that the ending was another stupid “time loop” sort of ending, with a monster ending that is quickly becoming cliche’. Which I guess is why there isn’t much to say. Even though I enjoyed this episode, there was nothing overly memorable about it. What I am REALLY looking forward to is next week’s episode, “The Caretaker”.

Overall, Time Heist was a fun story with good characters, but very little to make it memorable. I am seeing improvement, and less darkness, but Moffat still needs to do better to win me over. It was noted this week in an article that the show has become too intense for young viewers, and I personally agree in many ways. It seems to me that even when there isn’t dark stuff, there is some grotesque or scary moment that disturbs even me, and I’m 17! There is an episode coming up soon that had to be moved to a later time slot in England because the BBC deemed it too scary for children! I am beginning to wonder if we are getting something scarier than “Blink”.

7 Truths About Modesty


When you hear the word modesty, you might think of a young woman dressed in a turtleneck sweater and ankle length skirt. Maybe even a head covering or a no swimsuit rule, or no makeup rule. If you have been raised with the idea of modesty that most people out there have, you probably don’t think about a stylish young woman who wears well fitting clothes, and you probably never think of it applying to guys as well. There are a lot of lies about modesty circulating in our culture, and I think it is time to put those to rest. Don’t you agree?

1. Modesty does NOT shame women.

  • Most of us have probably heard it by now: “Modesty is ‘slut-shaming’!” “It judges women based on their hemlines!” “It promotes rape culture!” “It blames men’s problems with lust on women!” Now I don’t know about you, but as someone raised to dress modestly, I can say that these are not true. Modesty does not shame women for wearing short skirts, crop tops, etc. However, it does promote the idea that it is more desirable for a young woman of God to wear more modest clothing. Nor does it judge women based on their hemlines. I must confess, I have every now and then said something at home to my mom about “that girl was wearing a SUPER short skirt”, but it was never meant to judge. It was more of an observation as to what I would not do. And yes, one argument of the modesty movement is that it will help our brothers in Christ, but that does not mean we are blaming women for men’s problems. More on that later.

2. Modesty is not subjective, but neither is it “one size fits all”.

  • Yes, that statement probably sounds completely illogical, but allow me elaborate. Modesty is often said to mean different things to different people, which is really untrue. While there may not be a specific rule set for modesty, there are certain things that just simply are not modest. But, there are aspects of it that are not universal. Certain things may look very nice on one person, and on another they may look very unclassy. And for some people, a skirt that falls just below the knees is perfectly fine, but for others, ankle length is the only way for them. It is definitely a matter of prayer and consideration.

3. Modesty is not about you, or the people around you.

  • Yes, it is important to help our brothers in Christ. But the fact of the matter is, choosing to be modest is not about them, nor is it about you. I have heard it said many times: “Just dress in what makes you comfortable. God never said it was wrong!” While it may sound perfectly harmless, that way of thinking is dangerous because it teaches a selfish, self-centered way of thinking. God never said: “Thou shalt do whatever pleases you and makes you happy.” In fact, the Bible says this, in 1 Corinthians 10:31: “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for God’s glory.” We should be modest because we desire to bring glory to God, and to honor Him in what we do. Which leads to my next point…

4. Modesty is about more than outward appearance.

  • Being modest is about more than just the way you dress. Truth is, no matter how long our skirts are, or how cute our bathing suit is, it is all for nothing if our hearts are not in the right place. Modesty is more than the length of your skirt, or if your shirt covers your cleavage. Modesty is an attitude of humbleness. A modest woman does not seek attention from others for her own selfish reasons, but instead dresses in a manner that reflects the God she serves. A modest woman does not behave in a manner that draws the wrong kind of attention to herself. In fact, modesty does not seek attention at all. Of course, you will inevitably draw the attention of someone at some point in your life. But I know that I would rather receive attention for my grace, Godliness, and personality than I would receive attention because of my clothes, face, or actions.

5. Modesty applies to guys too.

  • Yup, you read that right. Modesty isn’t just a girl thing, it applies to everyone. Now, when it comes to guys, the way of dress isn’t such a big deal, though walking around with your pants hanging down and your undies showing isn’t exactly classy. For guys, modesty is pretty much all about the attitude. In this case, I am referring to having a humble attitude that, again, does not seek attention from others. I know that you are really proud of how good you are at football, and I get that, but bragging about your talents is not the right attitude to have, and it has a tendency to push people away. Case in point: Some of the most wonderful guys in my life are humble. I can hardly give them a compliment without them brushing it off. My best guy friend makes it virtually impossible to compliment him because he always tries to brush it off. It really makes a difference in the way that people view you when you don’t constantly draw attention to you and your accomplishments, instead choosing to give God the glory for giving you those gifts.

6. Modesty does not mean frumpy, out of style, or ugly.

  • Trust me, you can be modest and look absolutely adorable at the same time. And ankle length dresses, called maxi dresses, are totally IN right now! 😀 I know it’s hard, but you can find some totally great outfits if you are willing to look. Second hand stores like Goodwill, consignment shops, and discount stores are great places to look. You are more likely to find a cute, modest, and affordable outfit there than you are to find one in your local department store. And just to prove my point, take a look at these:
  • This is such a unique and cute outfit!!!
  • Love.
  • Such a cute and modest red dress!
  • .

And that’s only a few examples! 😀 And you think that there aren’t some gorgeous, modest, and classy swimsuits? Think again:


Now why can't more teens wear bathing suits like this? I especially like the black and white!


Do any of these bring to mind frumpy? In fact, modesty empowered to express my personal style in ways that immodesty wouldn’t. Case in point: I love Bohemian style clothes, like ombre, funky hats, and gypsy skirts. Dressing modestly is how I discovered my sense of style.

And one last truth young women should understand: Modesty is a multi-faceted issue, with many factors.

  • Everyone thinks that the only reason that women dress modestly is so we can help our brothers in Christ. While that is a good reason, it is most certainly not priority. Dressing modestly is about honoring God first and foremost, and after that, respecting yourself. Yes, I know that some people think that you can respect yourself and dress immodestly at the same time. While it may seem true on the surface, the truth is, dressing immodestly shows that you do not have the same thought for your reputation, and the way others see you, that a woman who dresses modestly does. Think about it: Does a girl who wears mini-skirts to church every Sunday and flirts with guys get lauded as a good example to younger girls in the church? Or would that honor go to a young woman who dresses in stylish, classy clothing who forms strong friendships with guys? And yes, one aspect of modesty is respecting our brothers in Christ. No, I am not blaming women for problems with lust, and neither am I saying that guys have no responsibility. But the Bible says that if we cause our fellow Christians to stumble in their walk, we will be judged. And yes, each person is accountable, but the person who influences their actions can also be held accountable. Example: If a young person goes to a party where there is drinking, and ends up drinking due to the influence of their friends, wouldn’t we be angry at the friends for being a bad influence?

And some people will accuse me of being sexist, and they are right I guess. But the thing is, guys don’t have as much of a problem with “immodest clothing”. Sure, girls struggle with lust too. All you have to do is go to a pool with friends and watch them drool over the shirtless lifeguard. (and yes, I have seen this happen) And I’m not a guy, so I am not equipped or meant to be speaking to guys about an issue like this. I wrote this because I am tired of the lies about modesty that are spread, and the idea that I am somehow better because I dress modestly. I do not look down on girls who choose not to dress modestly. Sort of like how I choose not to watch Harry Potter, but I don’t look down on those who do. Truth is, the decision to dress modestly begins with making sure that your heart is right with God, so that you can know if He is convicting you. Like I said, it starts with the heart. And our actions will reflect what is in our heart. So a pure, gentle, Godly heart will be reflected in the way we dress. Allow me to finish off with this quote:

“Modesty isn’t about covering up our bodies because they’re bad, modesty isn’t about hiding ourselves… It’s about revealing our dignity.” Jessica Rey

Thought for the Week – Forgiveness

This has not been one of my better days. I woke up this morning and was going about my business, when I came across something that, for a moment, made me see red. I was made aware that someone had written a blog post “about” me, so to speak. Why did it make me angry? Well, the post didn’t exactly bully or call me terrible names, but there were some things said about me that hurt. Unfortunately, I cannot say the reason that the words hurt so much, due to circumstances, but I can say that after my anger passed, all I felt was hurt in my heart and sorrow for the person who wrote the blog. Of course, the blog post isn’t the only thing in the situation that upset me, which makes it a lot harder to do the right thing and forgive.

When I read, and after I read, the post, I went through three different emotions. Anger, hurt, and sorrow.

Anger, because of the words said, the way they were said, and the person who wrote them. I was so angry I actually thought I was going to be sick. To be honest, I wouldn’t have been half as mad if this person had said their opinions to my face. This is the most dangerous emotional stage, because people, myself included, have a tendency to let their anger lead them to do the wrong thing. Most people’s first instinct is to confront the person, disparage them in front of others or on social media, or to lash out in other negative ways. I struggled to keep my emotions in check through my anger.

Hurt, because of certain factors in the situation. Again, circumstances prevent specifics. But let’s just say that I have been dealing with hurt the last few weeks that I have never felt before. I was hurting, both emotionally, and in some ways physically. My heart was literally hurting. Again, I had to be careful. When I am hurting, I have a tendency to shrink a bit, and get depressed. I had church today, I was singing in the choir and attending Sunday School, and I knew that I needed to focus on God. And that was a good thing, because that led me away from thinking about myself.

Sorrow, for the person who wrote the post. How sad their life must be that they feel the need to disparage others and mock their beliefs, and leave my name out there for all to see. I realized that I needed to stop thinking about myself and focus on forgiveness. I have discovered that the first step to forgiving people who hurt you is praying for them. When you pray for that person, you also understand that circumstances are not all what they seem.

Now, I am just working on trusting God, and allowing Him to work through me. The Bible says that “All things work together for the good of those who love God”. This situation will turn out to be good in the end. In fact, it is already getting better. I went to church and was able to fellowship with a couple of wonderful friends, who I trust completely. Just being with them was enough to help me work through my feelings and be grateful for the blessings in life, such as true friendships, love, and the fellowship of other believers.

TV Review – BBC’s “Merlin”

While the show does not air on TV any longer, for a long time Merlin was one of BBC’s most popular shows. It tells the tale of Merlin, a young magician. Every episode of show starts with “In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin.” (Boy was changed to man later on) Merlin leaves his hometown and goes to Camelot, where his mother hopes he will be safe. He lives with and works for Gaius, the court physician, who immediately finds out that Merlin has magic. And Gaius knows how dangerous it is. Why? Because in the kingdom of Camelot, magic of any kind has been outlawed by the king, Uther Pendragon. Anyone found practicing it will be killed. So Merlin must do his best to keep his amazing abilities hidden while serving in the king’s court. It doesn’t take long for Merlin to get into trouble however, by insulting Prince Arthur himself. The first episode sets up the relationship between the pair, by the end, Merlin has saved Arthur’s life and is granted the “honor” of becoming Arthur’s manservant. Of course, neither one is happy with the arrangement. Over the next 5 seasons of the show, Merlin saves Arthur’s life more times than I can count, forges new friendships, and becomes the greatest sorcerer the world has ever known, while getting into a few scrapes along the way.

For starters, I will review the content. Language is at a minimum. The worst I ever heard was the “a” word, and it was used rarely. So that was good. Sexual content was also low, with the worst being some kissing and such. There was one weird episode with a troll… But that would be a spoiler. I think the only things I can recall in terms of sexual stuff is that in the season 3 episode, Castle of Fyrien, we do get a glimpse of a man’s backside. Fortunately, it only lasts for a second, and I knew it was coming so I was able to look away. The other is in season 4 episode, Servant of Two Masters, where Arthur walks from behind a screen quite naked. Thankfully he is adequately covered, but the scene is awkward nonetheless (though I did laugh pretty hard at one particular aspect of the scene). Violence is pretty mild all things considered. Most of it is implied. People are wounded, but we rarely see the wound, just a bit of blood. Battle scenes are very intense, with some pretty dark stuff in there. And the show has some scary moments. Skeletons walking around, screaming ghosts, serpents, and Gwaine crunching an apple. (That last one was sarcasm)

The storyline was an excellent one! Each episode brings something new, as does each season. The changes in Merlin and Arthur’s relationship were pretty neat to watch over the seasons, and I loved the romantic storyline of Arthur and Guinevere(better known as Gwen). I think my one complaint about the story was that there were some unresolved plot points by the end of the series, like how does Gaius have magic, did Arthur ever find out about the bracelet Gwen was enchanted with when she “fell in love” with Lancelot, what happened to Percival, and what exactly happened to Merlin? I did hear that there was a movie in the works at one point, so they might have left the questions unanswered on purpose. Obviously, the plot is not accurate to all the legends, but I think that makes it a lot more fun.

Now for my favorite part: the characters. I can only think of a handful of shows where I have come to love the characters as much as I did in Merlin. In fact, there are only 4 or 5 out of the many shows I have seen. Merlin is a great character, lovable and kind hearted. He serves Arthur, even when Arthur treats him like a jerk, and never asks to be thanked for it. (weeeell maybe once or twice) The development of his character was excellent, and I loved seeing him learn to use his magic. 🙂 Though sometimes he would do something stupid and I wanted to throw a shoe at his head. Arthur was also a great character, despite his flaws. When we first meet Arthur, he seems to be a selfish bully. And in some ways, he is. But he changes, and it is obvious that he has depths of kindness that no one can see at first. He often disagrees with Uther’s harsh ways, and sometimes goes against him in order to do the right thing. And despite the fact that he calls Merlin an idiot and is constantly picking on him, Arthur sees Merlin as a true friend, and treats him well. Guinevere is definitely one of my favorites. Unlike the legend, in which she falls in love with Lancelot, in the show Gwen falls for Arthur. There are many obstacles to their relationship however, chief being that Gwen is a servant, and Uther frowns upon Arthur’s relationship with her. But in the end, Gwen and Arthur show that true love can overcome all. They have rocky places in their relationship, but their love remains steadfast and true. Morgana’s character broke my heart. At the beginning of the show, she is a gentle, kindhearted woman who hates to see the pain of others, often going against Uther, of whom she is the ward and secretly daughter, to stand up for those who need help. But when she discovers that she has magic, everything changes. Morgana knows that Uther will never accept her if he finds out, so she turns to evil magicians who teach her to use her power for evil. One of these is Morgause, who is Morgana’s sister (somehow, another unanswered question). By the end of the show, Morgana has attempted to destroy Camelot numerous times, killed thousands of innocents, and dies at the hand of Merlin.

Uther was definitely a cruel king, and I never liked him. He was so dead set against magic of any kind that he killed those who would use it to save his life. By the time he died, I felt only a little pity for him. Mordred was another character whom I never liked. He first appears as a young boy whom Uther wants to kill because he is a Druid. Merlin, Arthur, and Morgana, knowing that the Druids are a peaceful people, help Mordred escape. But Merlin is warned by the Great Dragon that Mordred will be Arthur’s doom. He appears later for a second time, when Morgana seeks out the Druids for help. He does not appear for several more years, until he saves the lives of Arthur and Merlin. Now a man, Mordred is made a knight of Camelot, and serves faithfully. But he turns against Arthur when the woman he loves dies at Arthur’s hand. He goes to Morgana and fights with her, and later dies, but not before he stabs Arthur with a sword forged in a dragon’s breath, sealing Arthur’s fate.

Other honorable mentions are the Knights. Leon, who seems to be immortal (he survives literally EVERYTHING) is a faithful friend to Arthur and Gwen, even helping Gwen when she is crowned queen. Lancelot is a brave and true knight who dies to save the lives of Arthur and Merlin, but later causes some trouble. Elyan is Gwen’s brother, who is saved by Arthur from the clutches of an evil king named Cenred, and is later made a knight. Sadly, he dies saving Gwen’s life. Percival is a tall, quiet man, who joins Arthur when he comes with Lancelot. It is not known what happened to him. And last but not least, my personal favorite, Gwaine! 🙂 Gwaine first appears to save Arthur and Merlin when they are accosted by some bullies in a tavern. His troublemaker’s lifestyle gets him in trouble, and he is banished from Camelot after saving Merlin’s life, even though he did nothing wrong. He later comes back to help Merlin rescue Arthur from the realm of the Fisher King, where Arthur is on a quest. They part ways again, but meets Arther and Merlin again when they are all three held in the dungeons of a slave trader. After escaping the dungeons and retrieving, then losing, a valuable artifact called the Cup of Life, Gwaine stays with Merlin and Arthur when they see that Camelot has been taken. Gwaine is later made a knight, and serves Arthur faithfully. The character also serves as some great comic relief! 🙂 Gwaine met his end when he and Percival attempted to kill Morgana in the final episode. Morgana captures them both, and tortures Gwaine past the point of human tolerance, his screams giving Percival the strength to break free from his bonds. Sadly Percival was too late, and Gwaine died in a tear inducing scene. (I was literally sobbing into a pillow at that point in the episode). And I will admit, I may have had a teensy crush on Gwaine… But how could I not? 😛

Overall, I give Merlin 4 and 1/2 stars out of five, the half taken off for the small amount of content. I would recommend the show for preteens and teens. Now I know one thing some people who know me will ask: What about the magic? Well, when I was younger, anything other than Lord of the Rings and Narnia that had magic, I refused to watch. Now that I am older, I have discovered it is not so much the use of magic itself, but the way it is portrayed. If I feel a strong conviction that the magic is not right, then I will stop. With Merlin however, it was very similar to Once Upon a Time. Merlin is often warned about the price of magic, and is counseled not to use it lightly. And magic used for any reason other than to save lives is shown to be evil. It is, of course, for the individual to decide, but I had no issues! One warning though, the final episode is HEARTBREAKING. I was, as I said, sobbing as I watched it. So if you get easily emotional over fictional characters, you will want to have a box of tissues handy.

Oh, and the ladies will probably like the abundance of charming, chivalrous, honorable, and handsome men in the show! (Making me long for knights in shining armor and chivalry to make a comeback).

My Expectations for Men Are “Unrealistic”

This is going to be a fun, and serious post at the same time. I was thinking the past few days about this topic, and decided it would make a good blog post. Why? Well, I just finished watching the TV Series called “Merlin”, and like Lord of the Rings before it, the show set up pretty high standards for men with its male characters. And often times, when I mention things that I look for in a guy, I am told that I have “unrealistic” ideals for them. So here is my list of “unrealistic” qualities in a man that all Godly young ladies should look for.

1. Honorable: You know, doing the right thing even when it makes him look stupid? Standing up for the weak and oppressed? Kind and generous to others? Is it really that hard?

2: Gentleman: Chivalrous, respectful to ladies, puts women first, etc. I don’t care how “patriarchal” or “anti-feminism” it is, I still believe in chivalry.

3: Respectful: Showing respect to authority, like parents, teachers, etc, is a big deal to me. If a guy doesn’t have respect for my parents, then he likely will not have respect for me. If he mouths off his teachers at school or leaders at church, then I probably won’t see respect.

4: Strong: Someone who can be a leader in the home, in spiritual areas, decision making, and disciplining.

5: Gentle: I promise that I am not contradicting my last one. A man can be strong and exude gentleness too. I mean, what is cuter than a Daddy playing with his little kids? That takes gentleness.

6: Hardworking: Someone who has a good work ethic, and will be willing to work to provide for the family. I always hate it when I see guys shirking work and leaving someone else to do it, and I don’t want my future husband to be that way.

7: Godly: This is the most important of all. As a young woman of God, I desire to marry a man who will share my passion for Him, and who will raise up our children in the ways of God. The Bible says “do not be unequally yoked”, and there is NO exception to that rule.

So why do I say that Lord of the Rings and Merlin give me unrealistic expectations? Well, characters like Aragorn, Legolas, Faramir, Merlin, Gwaine, Lancelot, etc., all exuded these qualities (except for the Godly part, but they were fantasy stories, and they’re fictional). Honorable, Respectful, Gentlemanly, Strong, Gentle, Hardworking, all of these. And sadly, it is hard to find a man who has those qualities in this day and age. Watching these things makes me long for the days of knights in shining armor. And I know it will not be easy, and will require patience as I wait for this man, but I know that someday, God will bring him into my life. And I know a lot of people might ask: “What about how attractive he is?” Well, physical appearance certainly does play a role, but the fact is, that we should look at the heart of the person, not the outward appearance. Though, like any young woman, I hope the man I marry is very handsome! xD And yes, I do find many of the characters in Lord of the Rings and Merlin to be quite attractive, both outwardly, and in the heart.

Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Doctor Whale/Doctor Frankenstein

From the start of the show, Doctor Whale was one of the most intriguing characters. His identity is not revealed until the second season, and I never guessed who he would turn out to be in the end. Doctor Whale is saddened by his past, by the remembrance of the things he did, and his story really truly is sad. On a quest to discover the secret to eternal life, Doctor Whale, whose real name is Victor Frankenstein, accidentally put his brother in danger. His brother was shot, and killed. But Victor brought him back using science, only for his resurrected brother to murder their father. In Storybrooke, Whale is haunted by his past, and turns to drinking to ease the pain, until Ruby reminds him of his purpose, in a scene that made me start shipping the two.

Name(s): Doctor Whale, Doctor Frankenstein, Victor

Characteristics: Stubborn, cynical, sometimes cruel, longs to be accepted, sad

Why do I like this character?: Despite his many flaws, and the times that he did the wrong thing, Doctor Whale turned out to be a good character. He even saves the life of a man who, if he survives, could destroy Storybrooke.

Why do I dislike this character?: Whale is prone to being a bit rude at times. And during the curse, he had a reputation as a womanizer. :/ After the curse, he leads a mob to kill Regina, only stopped just in time by Charming.

Favorite quotes: “I wanted my name to stand for life. But everybody just thinks it’s the name of a monster. I guess they’re right about that. Rumplestiltskin says that… magic has a price. But from where I’m sitting, seems that science does, too.”

“Thank you. Monster to monster.”

“Don’t look at me. I’m a doctor, not a vet.”

Other thoughts: Whale is character I would like to see more of in the future! I definitely ship him and Ruby; I like to call the ship “Doctor Wolf”. I would also like to find out more about his childhood, something that would help him become an easier to understand character.

Doctor Who Episode Review – Listen

Listen has been one of the most hyped up episodes of season 8 so far, so I was really looking forward to this one. With a promise of scary stuff and more Clara, I figured that after last weeks spectacular episode, this would be even better. Sadly, I was wrong. And I am changing up the format of these reviews. Typing out the whole plot, or most of it, gets difficult, so no more of that.

The plot itself was good concept, but it just didn’t flow. I felt the whole episode was just randomly traveling to various locations in time in search of a nightmare. And by the end of the episode, it actually was pointless. My poor mom was completely lost as some point, and I was surprisingly experiencing the same feeling. Mind you, I RARELY get confused, even with Doctor Who. I did enjoy the timey-wimeyness of the episode, like Clara meeting young Danny, or meeting Danny’s great-grandson, or encountering the young Doctor.

In fact, I think we should talk about Clara. To be honest, she really carried the episode. She has actually carried every episode so far this season, and is the only thing keeping me watching at this point. But I wanted to slap her at one point, when she made a rude quip to Danny about his being a soldier and killing people. As the daughter of a military man, I found it to be VERY rude and in very bad taste on Moffat’s part. Especially when Clara accused Danny of overreacting when he got upset at her. Fortunately, Clara seemed sorry for what she said, but I think it will take a lot of time for her and Danny to become close… Oh wait, they kissed at the end, after their first date! 😛 Guess not. Other than that little slip up, I loved Clara. Especially when she had an encounter with a little boy who lived on Gallifrey, who was scared of the dark. One of Jenna Coleman’s best performances so far!

The Doctor also had a couple of great moments, one of them being when he gives a speech about being scared to young Danny. I also thought it was adorable near the end of the episode, when Clara gave him a big hug and he started yelling.

Overall, the episode was good. But just that, Good. It definitely did not live up to all the hype. Not spectacular, not wonderful, not even above average. Just good. A real let down overall. I am beginning to think last weeks episode was just a fluke, and that the rest of the season is going to be every bit as disappointing.

Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Graham/The Huntsman

One of the first characters to meet an untimely demise on the show, Graham is the sheriff of Storybrooke, who happens to be carrying on a relationship with Regina behind the scenes. He does his best to befriend Emma when she arrives in town, but it isn’t long before she finds out about what he and Regina are doing. It is revealed that in the Enchanted Forest, he was the huntsman hired by Regina to kill Snow White. He was ready to do so, but when faced with the chance, he chooses to let Snow go free. He tries to fool Regina using a deer’s heart, but it does not work, and Regina takes his heart from him and keeps him as her slave. He later helps Charming escape from the Queen’s prisons. In Storybrooke, Graham suddenly starts remembering bits and pieces of his Enchanted Forest self, but before he gets the chance to tell Emma, Regina crushes his heart.

Name(s): Graham, Huntsman

Characteristics: Kindhearted, gentle, hates to see animals die, lonely

Why do I like this character?: Graham, despite his short run on the show, has always been one of my favorites. Does he do some stuff I don’t like? Yup. But in the end, he remembers who he truly is, and gets one chance to thank Emma. 😥 Graham is protective, and does everything he can to make the people of Storybrooke safe. He believes that Emma is innocent of a lot of the things that Regina accuses her of, and does his best to help Emma. Oh, and his accent is DREAMY!

Why do I dislike this character?: When I say that Graham does some stuff I don’t like, I am mainly referring to his relationship with Regina. Yeah, it was a sexual relationship, and Emma’s reaction was pretty much perfect when she finds out. Graham is lonely, and wants to feel something, but he goes “looking for love in all the wrong places” one might say.

Favorite quotes: Regina: “You’re leaving me for her?” Graham: “No, I’m leaving you for myself.”

Graham: “Actually i’m here about Dr. Archibald Hooper. He mentioned you got into a bit of a row with him earlier?”
Emma: “No.”
Graham: “I was shocked too, given your shy and delicate sensibilities.” (note the sarcasm in his tone)

Other thoughts: I keep hoping that we might see some more of Graham in flashbacks. We really know very little about the Huntsman, his background, or why he feels the way he does. And since the actor is done with that other film (that I really don’t like one bit), there seems a good chance he might make a reappearance.

Book Review – Rebekah’s Treasure

Forced to flee war-torn Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Rebekah and her husband, Ethan, each take something of value: Rebekah, the cup of the Last Supper; Ethan, a copper scroll detailing the whereabouts of a vast Temple treasure. Ahead, separation and danger face them as each tries to survive. But it’s not only external forces that could keep them apart forever but internal ones as they struggle to discover where their true treasure lies.

This is the first book I have received for review from a publisher, so I was excited to review it. The story sounded intriguing, and something about the cover drew me in. But alas, this book was not at all what I had hoped.

For starters, I need to point out that I NEVER stop reading a book less than halfway through. I will give it until the halfway point, and if the book does not work for me at that point, then I will stop. This is the first book I actually remember not reading to the halfway mark.

The book started off rather nicely, if a bit slow. I liked the prologue, though I felt it flowed a bit oddly. But as I worked through the first few chapters however, something about the book just didn’t seem… right? Even after giving the book some time to sit in my brain, I still can’t seem to place my finger on why I didn’t like it. One thing is definitely the speech. I know that this may not be a big deal to some people, but if I am reading a historical book, I want to read the way people actually talked back then. This book was not as bad as some I have read, but there were little phrases here and there that didn’t seem to fit the time period.

Another thing I felt was that the author had a bad habit of telling instead of showing. I don’t mind it here and there, but I felt like I was constantly being told things instead of shown them. It made the story feel a bit unprofessional. I did like the characters however, and if I had kept reading, I would have enjoyed learning more about them. This book was not the book for me, but I think less picky people will enjoy the story!

Despite the things I disliked about it, I think that the author did a very good job bringing ancient Jerusalem to life! I enjoyed learning a bit about the turmoil of the time period, and the struggles that many people went through in order to survive. And I loved the POV they used. First person, present tense, and it occasionally switched characters. Unique and a fascinating way to read something! If you are looking for a deep read and don’t mind slow pacing, then this is the book for you, but if you are looking for fast paced historical fiction, then you might want to look elsewhere.

I give this book a 2 out of 5 stars. I received this book for free from Heritage Publishers House through BookCrash for review. You can purchase the book at here:

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