Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Snow White/Mary Margaret

One of the best known fairytale characters, and one of OUAT’s most iconic characters, Snow White, known in Storybrooke as Mary Margaret, is one of the show’s central characters. Portrayed with emotion and depth by Ginnifer Goodwin, Snow is a favorite of many fans. And her love story with the dashing Prince Charming is enough to make anyone swoon!

Name(s): Snow White, Mary Margaret, Snow

Characteristics: Brave, strongwilled, loyal, always sees hope, fiercely defensive of her family.

Why do I like this character?: Snow White is immediately likable within the first few minutes of her appearance in the show, and she becomes even more likeable when we meet her shorter-haired Storybrooke persona, Mary Margaret. With a heart full of love and hope, she definitely drew me in. One of the things I love most about her character is that even when she cannot remember who she is, she and Emma still connect, never realizing that they are mother and daughter. I also love how she is always saying “there is hope”. She refuses to stop believing that good will win and darkness will be defeated.

Why do I dislike this character?: I am almost getting tired of constantly getting more and more of her and Charming’s backstory. While I love it, and I swoon every time, I feel like other, equally amazing, characters are getting shoved aside just so the producers can have more of “Snowing” as the pair has been called. I also feel like Snow has a bad habit of charging into things without thinking of the consequences. AND SHE CAN’T KEEP A SECRET!!!!! I get when she spilled the beans when she was a kid. But come on Snow! You are an adult! I think you know how to keep your mouth shut now when you are asked to!

Favorite Quotes: “That wall of yours, it may keep out pain… But it will also keep out love.”

“If people are supposed to be together, they find a way.”

“You’re lucky it wasn’t that mug you call a face!”

David: “Why do women keep their shoeboxes?” Mary Margaret: “Because after true love there is no more powerful magic than footwear. It has to be protected.”

“Apparently the human body has a surprising tolerance for ghost possession.”

Other thoughts: I am so looking forward to seen Snow finally get to be a mother! I know my heart is going to melt! I am also interested in seeing more of the relationship dynamics between Snow and characters like Regina, Mr. Gold, and others! And by the way, a brief lesson in the family tree will help with any confusion. Snow’s mother was killed by Regina’s mother, so that Regina could marry the king and become queen, which is why Regina is Snow’s stepmother. Regina’s mother ALMOST married the king (EW). Emma is Snow’s daughter, and Henry is her grandson. Zelena is Snow’s Step Aunt. Still confused? xD


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