Doctor Who Episode Review – Into the Dalek


You know the drill! While I will NOT spoil the end of the episode, there will be MANY SPOILERS contained in this section. If you don’t care, then feel free to read on! 🙂

The second episode of series 8 definitely had a better overall tone than its predecessor, which you can read the review of here:

The episode starts out with a spaceship being chased by a huge Dalek ship. One of the pilots is either severely injured or dead, the other is desperately trying to escape the Daleks, frantically trying to communicate with her home ship. Just as the ship is hit and explodes, the woman, whose name is Journey Blue, wakes up to find herself in the TARDIS control room. Naturally, the first thing she does is point a gun at the Doctor, threatening to kill him. But with his usually charm (not) and grace (maybe) he convinces her to trust him, though his callous attitude about the death of her copilot disturbs her. He takes her to her home ship, where she steps outside the TARDIS and utters a famous line… “It’s smaller on the outside!” (Well, not as famous as “bigger on the inside”, but still).

Soldiers approach the Doctor, prepared to follow protocol and kill the Doctor, but when they hear his name, they decide to see if they can help a patient that they have on board. The Doctor agrees and is taken to a room where there is a Dalek, attached to all sorts of tubes and wires, very reminiscent of the 2005 9th Doctor episode “Dalek”. The Doctor refuses until, as he walks away, the Dalek says: “All Daleks must be DESTROYED”. The response of the Doctor, and the audience, was much like this…


We then are taken to see what Clara has been up to. She still teaches at Coal Hill School, and meets a new character (who is already fascinating), Danny Pink. A handsome teacher and former military man, it would seem that Danny is hiding a sad past. After Danny meets Clara and agrees to go on a date with her (in a hilarious conversation), Clara steps into a closet to get some supplies, where she is greeted by the Doctor, holding a tray of coffee that he was supposed to give her three weeks ago… In Glasgow…. The Doctor pulls Clara into the TARDIS and takes her back with him to the ship. En route, he sits her down and asks her a question, “Am I a good man?” Clara’s response reflects the feelings of many members of the show’s audience: “I don’t know.”

They land at the Dalek ship and are placed in a… shrinking… machine… thingy? Which makes The Doctor, Clara, Journey, and a couple of other soldiers small enough to get inside the Dalek and find out what is causing it so much pain. We are treated to another dose of this Doctor’s less caring attitude, when he convinces a soldier to trust him just before he allows the soldier to be killed. True, the man was dead anyway, and it saved the lives of everyone else, but Clara is right to give the Doctor a good slap in the face.

Overall, the episode was excellent, and the ending was great! We get treated to another glimpse of a strange woman named Missy, who tells people that they are in heaven. Weird. The content was very clean, nothing questionable except for a bit of language here and there. But I have decided why I do not like this Doctor…

With every regeneration, there were still little things about each Doctor that made you feel that all of them were the same man. The 2nd Doctor had a bit of the first in him, the 3rd Doctor had a bit of the first and second, the 4th Doctor had a bit of all three of them, and so on. But this Doctor is like a total disconnect from all of the others. Angry, detached, hatred in his heart, sometimes downright cruel, this Doctor has none of the compassion and love that we came to know and love in the other Doctors. And thus, the show has lost something. It has lost what has made it one of the most popular shows around the world, and what has kept it going for over 50 years. It has lost that whimsy, that charm and fun that made families gather round the TV to see the Doctor’s next adventures. With the hard, cold, dark, gritty Doctor, comes a harder, colder, darker, and grittier show. Many have expressed a sentiment that I highly agree with: It’s like watching a different show. The only thing that is keeping me watching at this point is the hope that it will get better. That somehow, we will have OUR Doctor back. Every Doctor has their moments, I understand that. Every Doctor had their moments of coldness and cruelty and hatred. But a Doctor who is like that all the time is NOT our Doctor. Our Doctor has kindness. He grieves the needless death of a person, creature, or species, and hates to be the cause of the death, or the killer himself. He does not take death and pain and life lightly, as this Doctor seems to do. This man is NOT the Doctor anymore, at least not the one we know. I will keep watching, but I can no longer think of the show the same way. I just hope that Moffat realizes what he is doing. And I hope that someday, our Doctor will come back. And here is a gif set of our Doctor just to remind you of what he is like:

doctor who animated GIF

doctor who animated GIF

(He’s talking with his eyebrows just to let you know) xD

transparent animated GIF

Stay nerdy!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ben Colburn
    Sep 03, 2014 @ 12:27:32

    Glad to see I wasn’t alone in hating this episode. Moffat is becoming intolerable quickly. The Valeyard is coming…



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