Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Regina


Better known to some as “The Evil Queen”, Regina is the one who casts the curse that brings the characters to Storybrooke, where she later adopts Henry. Regina is a complex character, one who is hated by many first time viewers of the show, and later loved and pitied. Her life is truly a heartbreaking tale. Born to a mother who did not truly love her, Regina spent her entire young life being groomed to one day be queen. But Regina has no wish to be queen, or for riches. Her only wish is to be with the man she loves, a stableboy named Daniel. After Regina rescues a young Snow White from a runaway horse, King Leopold, Snow’s father, proposes to Regina. Much to Regina’s anger, her mother accepts for Regina. But Regina instead chooses to run away with Daniel, and ends up telling Snow of their plan to ease the little girl’s heart. Regina’s one request is that Snow tell no one. Snow keeps her word until she is coerced and manipulated by Cora, Regina’s mother, into telling. Cora finds Regina and Daniel as they are about to run away, and rips out Daniels heart before she crushes it. Regina is heartbroken, and angry at Snow, leading to hatred and darkness in her soul. Thus, Regina accepts a loveless marriage, and the rest of her life until Storybrooke is full of anger and pain.

Name(s): Regina Mills, The Evil Queen

Characteristics: Angry, lonely, feels things like love and loss deeply, loves Henry with all her heart, longs for a better life

Why do I like this character?: Regina is a lonely soul, and I actually find her character to be one of the most well developed in the show. And you can’t help but love her in season 3, especially with her snarky one liners in Neverland. In fact, season 3 is where Regina truly comes into her own as a “hero”, in a sense. When Henry is taken away, Regina will do anything to get him back, and we clearly see the pain and fear that she is experiencing as they search for him. One scene that always makes me want to weep is when Henry is dying. They know that the only way to save him is to get his heart back, and Regina tells Emma something, and while it could be considered selfish, it actually is true. She tells Emma that while Emma has two men who love her, her parents, and friends back in Storybrooke, Henry is the only thing that Regina has. And of course, later on she meets Robin Hood, bringing a romance that softens Regina even more (until the season finale happened!). 😡

Why do I dislike this character?: Regina is a very selfish person at times, and can be almost cruel to Henry by keeping him away from Emma. And the fact that she blames Snow for what happened to Daniel makes me mad. Snow was a child who was manipulated by a cruel, cold, heartless woman. And the fact that Regina, during the first two seasons, manipulates and lies very often, can make it very difficult to like her.

Favorite quotes: “You’ll win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers?”

“Everyone looks at me as the Evil Queen… Let me die as Regina.”

“Evil isn’t born, it’s made… And so is good.”

Regina: “Heroes don’t kill.” Zelena: “So now you’re a hero?” Regina: “Today I am.”

Pan: “Last words from the Queen. Perhaps a deathbed confession from the one who has the most to regret of all.”
Regina: “Yeah, there’s one problem with that. I did cast a curse that devastated an entire population.I have tortured and murdered. I’ve done some terrible things. I should be overflowing with regret, but… I’m *not*. Because it got me my son.”

Mary Margaret: “Maybe it’s a tiny colander?” Regina: “Yes, because pre-teen Baelfire probably made lots of pasta.”

Other thoughts: I am so worried about the next season, because after what happened in the finale, there is a chance that Regina will go back to her evil ways. But I am hoping she doesn’t. And for anyone confused about the family tree: Regina’s mother is Cora. Regina is Snow’s stepmother and Henry’s adoptive mother. Which makes Henry… Snow’s adopted step-brother… And Emma’s adopted step… uncle? Ow… Nevermind, it hurts my head too much! 😛


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