Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Captain Hook/Killian Jones


I remember watching the show for the first time, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a character who is arguably on of the show’s best: Captain Hook. As you can see from the picture, Hook is nothing like his Disney counterpart, exchanging a crazy perm for a very manly ‘do, and flamboyant red jacket for black leather. In fact, the only thing these two really have in common is the infamous hook! 🙂 Hook is a character who showcases the theme of redemption that is a part of the show. Going from kindhearted sailor, to brutal pirate, to something of an anti-hero, and finally to an ally of the Storybrooke gang and true love to Emma. With his eyebrow raise, sassy attitude, and raw emotions, Hook is a fan favorite!

Name(s): Killian Jones, Captain Hook, pirate

Why do I like this character?: Hook is on of the characters in the show whose story arc is truly incredible. One of my favorite episodes is the one where we learn how and why he became a pirate, and how his infamous feud with Peter Pan began. When his brother was killed because of Neverland’s magic, Hook becomes a pirate as a act of vengeance against the king who sent him and his brother to the island in the first place. Later, Hook meets and falls in love with Milah, wife of Rumplestiltskin, stealing her away from her husband and young son. Rumple comes back years later to claim vengeance against Hook, but instead kills Milah, and Hook vows to kill Rumple if it is the last thing he does. His travels to find a way to kill the Dark One take him to Neverland, where he briefly meets Baelfire, Rumple’s son. He later is sent by Regina to kill Cora, who instead makes Hook her ally. When the curse hits, Cora uses a protection spell to keep herself and Hook from being taken away by the curse, and later when Emma and Snow come to the enchanted forest, Cora and Hook use a portal as a means to get back to Storybrooke. Hook generally causes havoc and trouble across the down, betraying Regina after Cora dies. He leaves the town with a magic bean that Emma needs to save Henry from Pan, but later comes back, having had a sudden change of heart. Over the third season, we see Hook beginning to soften, his growing affection for Emma obvious to all. After they save Henry, and Emma and Henry have to leave the town, it is Hook who comes to New York to bring Emma back to save her family. In the end of the third season, Hook has saved Emma, and others, many times over, and in the finale, the two finally admit their feelings for each other, sealing it with a (very long) kiss. Does that sum up why I like him? I guess not, but it does show why his character is one that is hard to dislike.

Why do I dislike this character?: Other than the bit where he tries to kill everyone, I can’t think of many reasons to dislike him. His flirty attitude can get obnoxious at times, and he does use a bit of innuendo here and there.

Favorite quotes: “The asking was me being a gentleman.”

“Actually I quite fancy you from time to time when you’re not yelling at me.”

“There’s not a day that goes by that I won’t think of you.” *le swoon*

“It’s OK Swan… Not everyone gets the chance to watch their parents fall in love.”

“Sparkly dirt… Wonderful.” (LOL)

“I think threatening to kill me is a bit redundant considering we’re all about to die anyway.”

“Oh that’s a great use of our time, a wardrobe change!”

Hook: “For the sake of the boy, I’ll let his parents have a fair shot without a devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way.” Neal: “Are you serious?” Hook: “Yes. I am devilishly handsome.”

Edit: Somehow, I forgot THE BEST OF THEM ALL!!!!! “When I win your heart Emma, and I will win it, it will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.” (Now that’s a man of honor there)

Other thoughts: I think it will be interesting to see how Hook and Emma’s relationship works out. They are both damaged people who struggle to trust, and I think that it will take a lot of work for them to make this work. I am also excited about the rumors of Hook getting his hand back… But not so much about the other rumor… HOOK MIGHT DIE!!!!! 😥


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