Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Neal/*SPOILER*


I was going to put his OTHER name at the top, but for those who are only through the first season of the show, it would be a MAJOR spoiler. If you have not seen the second season of the show, read on at your own risk. Spoilers will abound!

We first meet him as Neal, Emma’s boyfriend and Henry’s future father. But to Rumple, and many fairytale characters, he is known as Baelfire. Son of Rumplestiltskin, Baelfire, or Bae as Rumple calls him, came to our world through a portal. He was trying to bring Rumple to a land without magic, so that he would no longer be the Dark One, but Rumple let go of Bae’s hand and let Bae fall through the portal alone. He ended up in London, where he met the Darling family, quickly befriending Wendy, John, and Michael. He allowed Pan’s shadow to take him in place of the boys, but escaped to Captain Hook’s ship. He was happy with Hook, until he discovered that Hook was the man who took his mother away. Hook gave Bae up to Pan, and it took nearly 300 years for Bae to escape Neverland and get to New York. He meets Emma and robs stores with her to survive, but meets a mysterious man named August, who tells him to let Emma go in order to help her fulfill her destiny. So Neal lives for several year alone, until Emma, Rumple, and Henry come to New York in search of him. Neal comes to Storybrooke with them, and intends to leave, but is sucked through a portal to the Enchanted Forest. He joins Emma and the crew on the search for Henry in Neverland, and later, sacrifices his own life to save the people of Storybrooke from The Wicked Witch. 😥

Name(s): Neal Cassidy, Baelfire, Bae

Characteristics: Bitter towards his father, loving to Emma, strong, stubborn, believes in Emma’s destiny.

Why do I like this character?: Neal is by no means my favorite character. In fact, I would say he is one of my least favorite characters. But he does have some redeeming qualities. Such as his unwavering belief in Emma, and true regret for leaving her behind. It is obvious that Neal still has feelings for Emma, in a big way, and that manifests itself in him pushing her to do the right thing. His relationship with Henry is absolutely adorable, and the fact that Neal makes an effort to connect with Henry is admirable. And even though I am not a huge fan of Neal, I ALWAYS cry when I watch him sacrifice himself to save everyone. His final moments with Rumple are especially hard to watch.

Why do I dislike this character?: Reason numero uno to dislike Neal: HE ALMOST RUINED THE CAPTAINSWAN SHIP!!!!!! *deep breath* As a die hard CaptainSwan shipper, I got so mad at Neal’s butting into a budding romance. I also find his mistrustful attitude towards Rumple annoying, especially in Neverland. I wasn’t the only one who wanted to throw a shoe at Neal was I? Note: I do not have any problem with SwanFire shippers. I will not hate on them or otherwise harass them. I don’t like the ship, but I live with it. Sadly, many Swanfire shippers have been EXTREMELY nasty to CaptainSwan shippers, calling them names and basically yelling at them over a fictional romance. And some people from my side have done it too. PLEASE don’t be those people!

Favorite quotes: “Fate, destiny. Whatever you want to call it. The point is… maybe we met for a reason. Maybe something good came from us being together.”

“They made a movie about you. It’s actually pretty good.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how to explain what a movie is.”

“It’s nice to meet you Henry.”

Other thoughts: Well… I am not one of the people hoping that Neal will come back. In fact, I hope he doesn’t! No offense, but I am ready for the show to move on from him, and for the fans to do the same. He’s dead, deal with it. 😛


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