Thought for the Week – Attitude is Everything


Now you might be asking yourself: Why is there a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow on this post? Well, the answer is that one of his quotes is what inspired this post, that and a Sunday School lesson.

“The problem is not the problem. You’re attitude about the problem is the problem.”

One of his very rare nuggets of wisdom that he gets out between being drunk, flirting with all the women, and generally complaining. But it has some real applications to life. When we find that we have a problem in our lives, our first thought is usually to one of three things: Freak out, shut everyone else out, or take it out on everyone else. But those reactions are wrong. Why you may ask? Because they make the problem worse. Now don’t you roll your eyes at me! Let’s be honest. Does getting upset and having a bad attitude make the problem any better? Does it usually make it worse? 

Oh Nine...

In fact, overreacting to problem can actually make everything about it worse. If it is a problem with another person, then you can make them even more upset then they already are. If it is a situation, then getting upset will affect your ability to think clearly and rationally about it. So what is a proper response?

Well, first, pray. God is the keeper of ALL wisdom, so he definitely knows how to help you! This also requires turning to the Bible, and possibly seeking the advice of a fellow Christian. Secondly, STAY CALM!!!! Don’t let yourself get worked up. This is something that I have to work on. Our first instinct is to get upset, but learning to take a step back and think will work wonders for the situation. So instead of dealing with problems by getting upset and pouting…


Face your problems with confidence and strength that comes from God. A good attitude can make all the difference, and you can face your problems head on, and show THEM who’s boss!

OUAT - Elsa....... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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