Countdown to Once Upon a time – Zelena/The Wicked Witch


When I heard that OUAT was bringing Oz into the story, I definitely had a few qualms. Oz is not your typical fairytale fare, and you have a great many complex characters to work with. Thankfully, my fears were for nothing, and the Oz storyline worked out brilliantly. One of the best parts of the storyline is The Wicked Witch, or Zelena. Half sister of Regina, daughter of Cora, Zelena was taken in by a family in the land of Oz after Cora left her to be carried away by a cyclone. Growing up with a father who did not love her, Zelena never learned how to use her powerful magic. She eventually goes to the Wizard of Oz, and learns of her half sister, Regina, who is being trained by Rumplestiltskin. The wizard gives Zelena a pair of shoes that take her to the Enchanted Forest, where she meets Rumple, who is immediately impressed by her power. Rumple begins training her, but keeps training Regina on the side when he realizes that it would not do well for Zelena to cast the curse. When Zelena finds out, she starts turning “green with envy”, quite literally in this case. Rumple gives Zelena a test, which she fails. She tells him that she will find a way to change things, and returns to Oz. Over the next while, she meets Glinda and two other witches, who are a part of a sisterhood. For a short time, Zelena changes her ways, doing her best to be a good person, until she meets Dorthy, who quickly rekindles the old jealousy. In the end, Zelena tricks Dorthy into believing that she melted her, while she escapes. Dorthy goes back to Kansas, Zelena banishes Glinda, and begins working on a spell to turn back time. Eventually, she finds a way to do it, that requires Snow and Charming’s baby to complete the spell. A curse is cast in an attempt to stop her, taking them all back to Storybrooke. Zelena takes control of Rumple, using him to get what she needs for her spell. In the end however, Zelena is defeated by Regina, who uses light magic against her. Regina is willing to give Zelena a second chance, but Zelena is murdered by Rumple before she has a chance, which triggers her time travel spell.

Name(s): Zelena, The Wicked Witch

Characteristics: Selfish, cruel, wicked, unloving, lonely, bitter, jealous.

Why do I like this character?: Uh… I have no answer for this one. I can honestly find no reason to like her. I must say though, Rebecca Mader does an excellent job of bringing her to life! Her performance was a highlight of the season for sure, though Zelena will never scare me as much as Peter Pan did.

Why do I dislike this character?: There are far too many reasons to count, but just to name a few… She is selfish, only ever thinking of her happiness, her life, and what she wants. She holds bitterness in her heart towards Regina, who really never did anything to Zelena but be born. Zelena is manipulative, using Rumple in cruel ways to hurt other people, including Belle. (Though Rumple manipulates her right back; unfortunately his attempt to free himself from her fails). Zelena has no sense of pity or kindness, being willing to kill an innocent child to get what she wants. I could go on, but I think you get the picture!

Favorite quotes: “Don’t you just love a good twist?”

“The Queen may be evil… But I’m Wicked. And wicked always wins.”

Regina: “This isn’t the wild west.” Zelena: “No… It’s the Wicked west.” (She’s very fond of the word Wicked, in case you haven’t noticed)

Regina: “That’s not yours.” Zelena: “Story of my life.” (And now the song is stuck in my head)

“I had to take it in a little bit at the hips, but it looks so much better on me.”

Other thoughts: Some have speculated that we haven’t seen the last of the Wicked Witch yet. While I would love to see the return of other villains, like Pan and even Cora, I really hope Zelena is gone for good. Her character actually was obnoxious. But I guess that is another indicator of the excellent acting put into her character. And besides, I was always on Team Evil! XD


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