Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Red/Ruby

Known to us as Red Riding Hood, Red, or Ruby as she is known is Storybrooke, is an interesting twist on a classic fairytale. Living with her overprotective Granny, Red longs to run away with the love of her life, Peter. But Granny rarely lets her out of the house, and never without her red cape. But when wolving time comes, fear of the monstrous wolf that murders everything in its path keeps Red from going through with her plans. One morning, she discovers a young woman named “Mary” in the henhouse, who is actually Snow White. When they attempt to track the wolf together, Snow and Red discover that its tracks lead straight to Red’s bedroom window, where she meets Peter often. Believing Peter to be the wolf, Red tells him about what happened, and helps chain him to a tree. Despite his warnings for her to leave in case he gets free, Red stays. When granny finds out where Red is, she tells Snow the painful truth: Red IS the wolf. They rush to where Red and Peter are, but it is too late. They give Red her cape and she turns back into a human, and nearly breaks down when she sees what she did to Peter. Snow helps her escape, and the two part ways briefly. During this time, Red meets her mother, and a pack of fellow werewolves. At first, she thinks she might have found a place to belong, but realizes that her mother wants to stifle the human and make Red choose her wolf side. Red accidentally kills her mother to protect Snow, but tells Snow that she is the only person who truly understands her, even more than her own flesh and blood.

Name(s): Ruby, Red

Characteristics: Brave, stubborn, a bit of a rebel, tendency to flirt, longs for freedom and adventure.

Why do I like this character?: In Storybrooke, when we first meet Red, I was not much inclined to like her. She hardly wore any clothes, disrespected Granny, and seemed not to care about much of anything. But when she leaves home and Emma offers her a job and a place to stay, we see a marked change in her. She begins realizing how grateful she is for what she has, and begins to appreciate her unique abilities, such as a strangely acute sense of tracking. Red is a true and loyal friend. And even though she is scared of herself once the curse breaks, Red never gives up fighting.

Why do I dislike this character?: Her dress sense and attitude obviously were a huge turnoff to me at first, but now that isn’t a problem. I think the one thing I dislike is the fact that she hardly appears in the show anymore, due to starring in another show that took up a lot of her time. Hopefully she will reappear soon!

Favorite Quotes: “I sort of found someone in myself that was… more than I expected.”

“So you thought you’d level the house with the power of your breath?”

Snow: “I’m so sorry. I know what its like to lose your family.” Red: “I didn’t lose my family today. I protected it.”

“My mother wanted me to choose between being a wolf, and being a human. Granny did too. You were the only person who ever thought it was okay for me to be both.”

Granny: “You dress like a drag queen during Fleet Week.”
Ruby: “And you dress like Norman Bates when he dresses like Norman Bates’s mother.” 

“Look, you’re Frankenstein. And I’m the werewolf. I *ate* my boyfriend. Regina thought she was punishing us by erasing who we were. But I think she underestimated how much crap we wanted to forget.” (Excuse the word, but I love this quote)

Other thoughts: While the twist of Red being the wolf was a bit off-putting at first, I actually realize the genius in the idea now. No one expected it, and it definitely gives her character new depth! I just hope we get more Ruby! Oh, and I totally ship her and Doctor Whale. I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE AM I????




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