Coundown to Once Upon a Time – August/Pinocchio

He’s not the Pinocchio that you know from the fairytales, but he is still a great character nonetheless, albeit frustrating and a bit self-serving. August comes to town on his motorbike, with a typewriter stored in a briefcase and a leather jacket to boot. Emma is, of course, immediately suspicious. At first, we are led to believe that August is Rumple’s son, Baelfire, but it is revealed that he is not. Eventually, his story is brought to light. After he was turned into a real boy by the blue fairy, Pinocchio does his best to be, as Blue says, Selfless, Brave, and True. When Geppetto hears of the curse, and the wardrobe that can bear TWO people to the new land unscathed, he selfishly asks Blue to allow Pinocchio to take the second spot, instead of Charming. Blue reluctantly agrees. But when Snow gives birth before the curse arrives, she asks Geppetto to change his mind, he refuses, sending Pinocchio in the wardrobe, ordering him to protect baby Emma. Blue tells him that if he does not protect her, and remain Selfless, Brave, and True, he will turn to wood again. For a while, he keeps his promise, taking care of Emma in the Foster home. But when some children decide to run away, Pinocchio goes with them, apologizing to baby Emma and leaving her behind. For 28 years he lives a life of selfishness, until one day, at 8:15 in the morning, he wakes up with a terrible pain in his leg. He sees that his leg is turning to wood, and realizes that the curse is broken. After various escapades, he ends up in Storybrooke, where he does his best to convince Emma to believe in the curse. Even though he succeeds, he turns completely to wood before the curse is broken. Once it is broken, he disappears, only to be found living in a trailer in the woods by Snow. When he finally does the right thing and tries to protect the citizens of Storybrooke, he almost dies, but Blue turns him back into a little boy, giving him a second chance to do the right thing.

Name(s): August, Pinocchio

Characteristics: Loving, strong, sometimes selfish, tries to do the right thing, cares about Emma

Why do I like this character?: Despite his flaws, August is a lovable character, with a personality that you can’t help but enjoy. His quick comebacks and funny conversations are quite enjoyable. And even though some denounce him for abandoning Emma, I honestly can’t help but wonder if it was right to put that kind of pressure and responsibility on a child. He couldn’t have been more than 8 or so, poor thing. He was lonely, and I think anyone else would have done the same thing under the circumstances. I also happen to love his relationship with Emma. She obviously thinks he is a bit odd, but still trusts him for some reason, and that connection is a great one.

Why do I dislike this character?: Well, obviously, August can be a bit selfish. He knows that the only way for him to survive is for Emma to break the curse, so his motives are not exactly the purest. And his past isn’t exactly squeaky clean either. I also got SO mad at how he played on Rumple’s emotions in order to get to the dagger.

Favorite quotes: “I’m a believer and I want to get others to see the light.”

“I was hoping… That’s my problem. Hoping. Hoping that things can still work out. Hoping that I can find redemption for the mistakes that I made. But maybe some things you just don’t come back from.”

Tamara: “You should’ve left. I counted on you to want to save yourself.”  August: “Maybe that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve lived a life of selfishness, cowardice and dishonesty. And only I can cure that. Not magic, not science, just me.”

“I’m gonna make you wait. You’re gonna have to wait a long time and watch me carry it around, hauling it to strange and mysterious places. And with each passing moment, the mystery will become more tantalizing. Your imagination will inflame, but so will your frustration, never knowing, only guessing, what could possibly be inside that box! Or… you could let me buy you a drink sometime, and I’ll tell you right now.” (Hehehe… That scene was funny)

Other thoughts: I can honestly say that his was the only character arc that I absolutely HATED the ending of. Like, if he had died, at least we would have had some closure here. But he got turned back into a kid of all things! 😦 No more charming smile (though little Pinocchio is absolutely adorable, I will give you that!) I do hope we see a bit more of Geppetto and Pinocchio soon. I’ve been missing them.




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