Doctor Who Episode Review – Robot of Sherwood

On Saturday, the latest episode of Doctor Who aired; it was the episode I have eagerly awaited since learning that they were bringing Robin Hood into an episode. So I gathered my crochet supplies and sat down on the couch, ready for another (probably) disappointing episode of Doctor Who, but hey, it’s Robin Hood! xD The episode opens, and within the first five minutes, I am already feeling MUCH better. By the time the episode ended, I felt like I was actually watching Doctor Who again! 😀

The episode opens with Doctor offering to take Clara any place she wants to go, at any point in history. Clara responds (and this is how I know Clara is my kindred spirit) that she would like to see Robin Hood. Of course, the Doctor scoffs, claiming that there is “No such thing”, but Clara is adamant. So he reluctantly takes her to 12th century England, and steps out the TARDIS door, saying: “No damsels in distress, no pretty castles… No such thing as Robin Hood”. And of course, an arrow comes flying past him and imbeds itself in the TARDIS doors, and in the distance, we see a green clad man. “I believe you called?” The Doctor’s face was priceless, and so was Robin’s when Clara stepped out of the TARDIS in the gorgeous dress that you can behold in the picture at the top. (what I wouldn’t give to own a dress like that!)

The Doctor and Robin immediately proceed to get into a fight over the TARDIS, Robin claiming that it belongs to him now. The Doctor knocks Robin into the river, believing he has bested him, until Robin comes up from behind and pushes HIM. They then proceed to Robin’s camp, where we meet his Merry men, the Doctor all the while trying to figure out how they can possibly exist. They speak about the Sheriff and his evil reign, and there’s even a mention of King Richard, whom the 1st Doctor met way back in the 60’s during the first season of the show. While this is going on, we see the cruelty of the Sheriff, who kills a man for no apparent reason. And as an avid fan of Classic Who, I know I cannot be the only one who thought that the Sheriff looked like Anthony Ainley’s doppleganger.

The gang proceeds to Nottingham, where an archery competition to win a golden arrow takes place. Robin and the Sheriff compete, and Robin wins, until the Doctor comes in and begins a sort of “my horse is bigger than your horse” thing, him and Robin each trying to prove that they are better than the other. The scene is pure, campy, Doctor Who silliness, and proves that somewhere in the midst of the craziness that is Season 8 that our TV show is still in there. The Doctor grows tired of it soon however, and blows up the target using his Sonic Screwdriver. He, Robin, and Clara are promptly arrested and thrown in the dungeons, but not before the “knights” of Nottingham are revealed to actually be Robots. While in the dungeon, the Doctor and Robin fight constantly, until Clara yells for them to SHUT UP!!!!!!! That was probably the best part of the episode. The guards assume that Clara must be the leader of the trio, and she is taken to be questioned by the Sheriff. And…

Sorry, that’s it. I don’t want to spoil too much. One interesting thing did come up in the episode. The Robots mentioned “the promised land”, just like the clockwork droids did in “Deep Breath”. There were no appearances from the strange woman named Missy, but the fact that the “promised land” was mentioned definitely brings up some new questions. And the ending was pure, cheesy, sweetness, with an appearance from Maid Marian.

Overall, this episode was FAR better than the two preceding ones. It brought back more of the whimsy and fun and less of the darkness and grit. Some may call it campy, and that is true, but the episode is what we needed. I was ready to give up on the show until I saw this episode. And the acting was brilliant. This Robin Hood may not be my favorite, but he was pretty funny. The merry men though… A bit dumb, but still funny. And the Sheriff was pretty stinkin’ creepy as well, though not as disgustingly evil as the one from the BBC Robin Hood series from 2006-2009. The episode was VERY clean as well. A bit of minor language, but nothing overly questionable outside of that. So if you are looking for a crazy, ridiculous, fun, and exciting episode of Doctor Who, this is the one for you. But even though I enjoyed this one, this will always be Robin Hood to me:


And another thing: Yesterday, I ended the day with over a hundred views on my blog. Even though I didn’t get many comments, many of my friends shared the post on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. I got several messages from my friends saying how the post really spoke to them on a personal level. I also saw where some people had shared it and said some negative stuff, but hey! “Haters gonna hate” you have to say. Thanks so much for reading everyone! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future of my blog!


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