Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Mulan

When I started watching the show, I definitely was excited about seeing one of my personal favorite Disney characters brought to life! 🙂 I was not disappointed by Mulan in most respects, though there were some aspects of her character that I strongly disagreed with. But overall, Mulan is an enjoyable, strong, and likable character. Unfortunately, she does not have much backstory at this point, and her only appearances have been in the Enchanted Forest during the second season and first half of the third season.

Name: Mulan

Characteristics: Brave, strong, suspicious of outsiders, protective, easily angered.

Why do I like this character?: Despite her initial reservations about Aurora, calling her weak, Mulan eventually becomes willing to go to any lengths to save her. Unfortunately, this does lead to some problems (more on that in the next section). Same for Emma and Mary Margaret. When Mulan and Aurora first meet them, they are both quick to lay blame at the feet of Emma and Mary Margaret for the death of Prince Phillip, but eventually come to trust them.

Why do I dislike this character?: That being said, Mulan’s suspicious nature does make her a bit annoying at first. She is pretty mean to Emma and Mary Margaret at first. But my bigger issue with the character is something different. She and Aurora eventually find that Phillip is not dead, bring him back, and Aurora and he live happily ever after. Right? Well, the writers decided to have some “fun” with Mulan’s character and make her actually be in love with Aurora. Yup. You read that right. No Shang, and not even Phillip as one might assume. And yes, the moral issue upsets me. But what upsets me more is the fact that the writers went so far from the original story. I found my enthusiasm for the character dampened a bit after that. Fortunately, Aurora and Phillip are happily married and expecting a baby, so Mulan never actually reveals her feelings. After this, Mulan goes to Robin Hood and his gang, and decides to join them on their adventures.

Favorite quotes: “It is dangerous to confuse vengeance with justice.”

Man: “Wait… You’re a-” (Mulan punches in face) Mulan: “Yeah, I know.”

Mulan: “What’s it like? The other world?”
Neal: “Well, for starters, they think that this place is just a fairytale. Like a legend, like we’re all just characters in a story.”
Mulan: “I’m in a story?”
Neal: “Yeah, they made a movie about you. It’s actually pretty good.”
Mulan: “What’s a movie?”

Other thoughts: I am hoping that Mulan will return in the next season, perhaps with a love interest in store, like SHANG FROM THE STORY!!!! Seriously though, I think it would make a lot more sense to do that. It made it seem like something of a soap opera with the whole Mulan liking Aurora thing. And I DO NOT like soap operas…


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