Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Archie/Jiminy Cricket

Storybrooke’s resident speaker of wisdom and counsel, Archibald Hopper was known as Jiminy Cricket in the Enchanted Forest. His story is a sad one. Living with cruel and selfish parents for most of his childhood, Jiminy spent his whole life longing for something more. When he goes to the dark one for a way to escape his manipulative family, Rumple gives him a potion to give to his parents. Jiminy takes it, agreeing to leave his parents behind for Rumple. But when they visit the home of a young couple, selling them a fake elixir, Jiminy is prepared to put his plan into action. When they prepare to leave, Archie is horrified to discover that his parents gave the couple to potion from Rumple. When he goes into the farmhouse, he is greeted by the young couple sitting on the bed, turned into grotesque dolls. A little boy comes inside, apparently the son of the couple. He is heartbroken, shouting at Jiminy and weeping over his parents. Jiminy runs away, and sees the Blue Fairy, who agrees to grant him a wish to help him escape his life. Jiminy asks to be turned into a cricket, and agrees to take care of the young boy, whose name is Gepetto.

Name(s): Archibald Hopper, Archie, Jiminy

Characteristics: Wise, gentle, caring, peaceful, friendly

Why do I like this character?: Archie is an immediately likable character, and continues to be so throughout the series. I especially like how he does his best to help Henry and be a friend to him, even when everyone else thinks Henry is crazy. Does Archie stumble at times? Yes. But he always gets back up, and continues to do his best to make other people’s lives better. He even tries to help Regina when no one else in the town cares about her.

Why do I dislike this character?: As mentioned, Archie does have his moments of weakness. One such example is in the first season. Regina threatens him, telling him to stop Henry from believing in the fairytales or lose his job. Archie is frightened and ends up hurting Henry deeply. But by the end of the episode he stands up to Regina and tells her that he will counsel Henry as he sees fit.

Favorite quotes: Archie: “Oh, I don’t need to; because you’re gonna leave me alone and let me do my work, in peace.” Regina: “Really? Why is that?” Archie: “Because someday, Madam Mayor, you may find yourself in a custody battle. And d’you know how the court determines who is a fit parent? They consult an expert – particularly one… who has treated the child. So, I suggest that you think about that, and you allow me to do my work… and let me do it the way my conscience tells me to.”

“If you can’t let go of the past, Regina… it’s doomed to haunt you.”

“Snow White and the Prince have always led us before. And we’ve always won. So, who is willing to let them lead us again?”

Other thoughts: While not a spectacular character at all, Archie is character who brings a steady feeling to show. He is always there with wisdom and thoughts, and is a support to many characters in the show. I am hoping they might show is a bit more of his backstory, particularly of his helping Gepetto grow up.


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