Countdown to Once Upon a Time – Graham/The Huntsman

One of the first characters to meet an untimely demise on the show, Graham is the sheriff of Storybrooke, who happens to be carrying on a relationship with Regina behind the scenes. He does his best to befriend Emma when she arrives in town, but it isn’t long before she finds out about what he and Regina are doing. It is revealed that in the Enchanted Forest, he was the huntsman hired by Regina to kill Snow White. He was ready to do so, but when faced with the chance, he chooses to let Snow go free. He tries to fool Regina using a deer’s heart, but it does not work, and Regina takes his heart from him and keeps him as her slave. He later helps Charming escape from the Queen’s prisons. In Storybrooke, Graham suddenly starts remembering bits and pieces of his Enchanted Forest self, but before he gets the chance to tell Emma, Regina crushes his heart.

Name(s): Graham, Huntsman

Characteristics: Kindhearted, gentle, hates to see animals die, lonely

Why do I like this character?: Graham, despite his short run on the show, has always been one of my favorites. Does he do some stuff I don’t like? Yup. But in the end, he remembers who he truly is, and gets one chance to thank Emma. 😥 Graham is protective, and does everything he can to make the people of Storybrooke safe. He believes that Emma is innocent of a lot of the things that Regina accuses her of, and does his best to help Emma. Oh, and his accent is DREAMY!

Why do I dislike this character?: When I say that Graham does some stuff I don’t like, I am mainly referring to his relationship with Regina. Yeah, it was a sexual relationship, and Emma’s reaction was pretty much perfect when she finds out. Graham is lonely, and wants to feel something, but he goes “looking for love in all the wrong places” one might say.

Favorite quotes: Regina: “You’re leaving me for her?” Graham: “No, I’m leaving you for myself.”

Graham: “Actually i’m here about Dr. Archibald Hooper. He mentioned you got into a bit of a row with him earlier?”
Emma: “No.”
Graham: “I was shocked too, given your shy and delicate sensibilities.” (note the sarcasm in his tone)

Other thoughts: I keep hoping that we might see some more of Graham in flashbacks. We really know very little about the Huntsman, his background, or why he feels the way he does. And since the actor is done with that other film (that I really don’t like one bit), there seems a good chance he might make a reappearance.


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