Doctor Who Episode Review – Listen

Listen has been one of the most hyped up episodes of season 8 so far, so I was really looking forward to this one. With a promise of scary stuff and more Clara, I figured that after last weeks spectacular episode, this would be even better. Sadly, I was wrong. And I am changing up the format of these reviews. Typing out the whole plot, or most of it, gets difficult, so no more of that.

The plot itself was good concept, but it just didn’t flow. I felt the whole episode was just randomly traveling to various locations in time in search of a nightmare. And by the end of the episode, it actually was pointless. My poor mom was completely lost as some point, and I was surprisingly experiencing the same feeling. Mind you, I RARELY get confused, even with Doctor Who. I did enjoy the timey-wimeyness of the episode, like Clara meeting young Danny, or meeting Danny’s great-grandson, or encountering the young Doctor.

In fact, I think we should talk about Clara. To be honest, she really carried the episode. She has actually carried every episode so far this season, and is the only thing keeping me watching at this point. But I wanted to slap her at one point, when she made a rude quip to Danny about his being a soldier and killing people. As the daughter of a military man, I found it to be VERY rude and in very bad taste on Moffat’s part. Especially when Clara accused Danny of overreacting when he got upset at her. Fortunately, Clara seemed sorry for what she said, but I think it will take a lot of time for her and Danny to become close… Oh wait, they kissed at the end, after their first date! 😛 Guess not. Other than that little slip up, I loved Clara. Especially when she had an encounter with a little boy who lived on Gallifrey, who was scared of the dark. One of Jenna Coleman’s best performances so far!

The Doctor also had a couple of great moments, one of them being when he gives a speech about being scared to young Danny. I also thought it was adorable near the end of the episode, when Clara gave him a big hug and he started yelling.

Overall, the episode was good. But just that, Good. It definitely did not live up to all the hype. Not spectacular, not wonderful, not even above average. Just good. A real let down overall. I am beginning to think last weeks episode was just a fluke, and that the rest of the season is going to be every bit as disappointing.


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