My Expectations for Men Are “Unrealistic”

This is going to be a fun, and serious post at the same time. I was thinking the past few days about this topic, and decided it would make a good blog post. Why? Well, I just finished watching the TV Series called “Merlin”, and like Lord of the Rings before it, the show set up pretty high standards for men with its male characters. And often times, when I mention things that I look for in a guy, I am told that I have “unrealistic” ideals for them. So here is my list of “unrealistic” qualities in a man that all Godly young ladies should look for.

1. Honorable: You know, doing the right thing even when it makes him look stupid? Standing up for the weak and oppressed? Kind and generous to others? Is it really that hard?

2: Gentleman: Chivalrous, respectful to ladies, puts women first, etc. I don’t care how “patriarchal” or “anti-feminism” it is, I still believe in chivalry.

3: Respectful: Showing respect to authority, like parents, teachers, etc, is a big deal to me. If a guy doesn’t have respect for my parents, then he likely will not have respect for me. If he mouths off his teachers at school or leaders at church, then I probably won’t see respect.

4: Strong: Someone who can be a leader in the home, in spiritual areas, decision making, and disciplining.

5: Gentle: I promise that I am not contradicting my last one. A man can be strong and exude gentleness too. I mean, what is cuter than a Daddy playing with his little kids? That takes gentleness.

6: Hardworking: Someone who has a good work ethic, and will be willing to work to provide for the family. I always hate it when I see guys shirking work and leaving someone else to do it, and I don’t want my future husband to be that way.

7: Godly: This is the most important of all. As a young woman of God, I desire to marry a man who will share my passion for Him, and who will raise up our children in the ways of God. The Bible says “do not be unequally yoked”, and there is NO exception to that rule.

So why do I say that Lord of the Rings and Merlin give me unrealistic expectations? Well, characters like Aragorn, Legolas, Faramir, Merlin, Gwaine, Lancelot, etc., all exuded these qualities (except for the Godly part, but they were fantasy stories, and they’re fictional). Honorable, Respectful, Gentlemanly, Strong, Gentle, Hardworking, all of these. And sadly, it is hard to find a man who has those qualities in this day and age. Watching these things makes me long for the days of knights in shining armor. And I know it will not be easy, and will require patience as I wait for this man, but I know that someday, God will bring him into my life. And I know a lot of people might ask: “What about how attractive he is?” Well, physical appearance certainly does play a role, but the fact is, that we should look at the heart of the person, not the outward appearance. Though, like any young woman, I hope the man I marry is very handsome! xD And yes, I do find many of the characters in Lord of the Rings and Merlin to be quite attractive, both outwardly, and in the heart.


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  1. Jessica
    Sep 19, 2014 @ 10:50:38

    I wish the whole world could read this. It is spot on in every respect.



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