Doctor Who Episode Review – “Time Heist”

While I did miss the first 10 minutes of the episode, it in no way diminished my enjoyment of this particular episode. One of my personal favorites so far, Time Heist delivers a fast paced, if somewhat confusing adventure that shows off more of the Doctor’s daring side.

The entire episode revolves around the Doctor, Clara, and a small team of supercool people being told to rob a bank by someone called the architect. Why they were asked, and who this “Architect” is, remains a mystery until the episode’s ending(though I guessed about halfway through because I am smart). I enjoyed the other two robbers, they were enjoyable characters! Psi is a cyborg thingy, who is a bit suspicious of the Doctor, but in the end turns out to be a fine ally. And Saibra is a shapeshifter, who takes on the form of whomever she touches. Both of these characters, while confused as to why they are doing this, both help the Doctor and Clara willingly.

I think one of my favorite parts in the episode was the “Teller”. A strange and extremely creepy monster, it can turn people’s brains into mush without killing them, leaving their heads looking very… odd. *shudder* I also enjoyed Ms. Delephox. A very unique character, who, while very creepy, still managed to be pretty interesting. I guess my complaint about this episode was the fact that the ending was another stupid “time loop” sort of ending, with a monster ending that is quickly becoming cliche’. Which I guess is why there isn’t much to say. Even though I enjoyed this episode, there was nothing overly memorable about it. What I am REALLY looking forward to is next week’s episode, “The Caretaker”.

Overall, Time Heist was a fun story with good characters, but very little to make it memorable. I am seeing improvement, and less darkness, but Moffat still needs to do better to win me over. It was noted this week in an article that the show has become too intense for young viewers, and I personally agree in many ways. It seems to me that even when there isn’t dark stuff, there is some grotesque or scary moment that disturbs even me, and I’m 17! There is an episode coming up soon that had to be moved to a later time slot in England because the BBC deemed it too scary for children! I am beginning to wonder if we are getting something scarier than “Blink”.


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