Doctor Who Episode Review – The Caretaker

Last night, as I unwound from our busy vacation, I sat down to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who. I came in with pretty low expectations after an overall disappointing lineup, but this time, my expectations were not only exceeded, they were blown out of the water. After several dark, uninteresting, and overall dumb episodes, this is the first episode that I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed and loved every minute of! From the hilarious first meeting of the Doctor and Danny, to the intense final showdown, this episode delivered upon all of the promises that Moffat made at the start of the season.

Once again, Clara absolutely shone in this episode, especially when she finally came clean to Danny about her secret life. One of my favorite moments in the episode was when she defended Danny to the Doctor, even telling the Doctor in an emotional line: “I love him.” And the Doctor was actually lots of fun in this episode, after he stopped being mean to Danny. Watching him try to fit in with humans was hilarious. After several Doctors who for the most part fit in with humans, 12 is a Doctor who does not even like humans all that much. I did love how he played the part of the suspicious dad when it came to Danny and Clara. And of course, there was Danny. I love him so far, especially because of the fact that he isn’t presented as stupid. wimpy, or weak. He has shown himself to be capable, smart, and brave, and he hasn’t even traveled with the Doctor yet. As much as I loved Mickey and Rory, I applaud Moffat for FINALLY having a guy who is portrayed in a better light. And then there was Charlotte, better known by her nickname, “Disruptive influence”. I get the feeling we might be seeing more of this sassy young lady in future episodes!

The plotline was great as well! The monster was a bit disappointing, but I actually liked having a more character centered episode as opposed to constantly fighting the baddies. I enjoyed the little snippets at the beginning of Clara leading her double life, and watching her and Danny grow even more in their relationship. Overall, I can’t find much to complain about, other than one scene where a character is killed, and we see a bit of his charred remains. Oh, and Missy, the mysterious lady who claims to be in heaven, made another appearance last night.

And it looks like next weeks episode is going to be interesting, and creepy. There appears to be a giant spider… *shudders* I will be posting reviews of Once Upon a Time and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. over the next couple of days, and then on Sunday we shall return to our regular scheduled programming! Stay nerdy!


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