Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review – Heavy is the Head

I realize that I forgot to review the first episode of the second season, so I will say a bit about it first! “Shadows” as the episode was titled, was an amazing start to what appears to be a great second season! The first season was great, a lot of people loved it, but the critics seemed to hate it. This season, however, has the critics giving rave reviews! The characters have grown, dynamics have changed, and the general themes seem deeper than before! The first episode introduced us to 3 (technically 4, but I forgot the name of the other) new characters on the side of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Isabelle Hartley(a former agent), Lance Hunter(a mercenary), and Alphonso (Mack) Mackenzie, a mechanic who works for the agents. A new villain was also introduced, by the name of Kreel. He is a man who can change his body into any material he wishes, and works for HYDRA as they search for a strange object called the Obelisk. The first episode was great, though the revelation about just how badly damaged Fitz is broke my heart into a thousand pieces.

The second episode was no less exciting, if not more so. We got to see Lance grow and learn more about who he is, especially his poignant conversation with Skye about another character who met an untimely end. We also got to see more of “Mack” as he is called. I definitely liked how Mack interacted with Fitz. He didn’t treat Fitz like a baby, or a doll that was about to break. Instead, he pushed Fitz to keep thinking and not to give up. Their interactions were some of the best parts of the episode. Of course, we saw more of the other agents. Coulson, now the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., is working to rebuild, while fighting against whatever wacky things are going on in his brain. Skye is still stubborn, strong, and loyal, doing her best to help Coulson and training under May, who is now her S.O. Speaking of May, she is still as epic as ever, and loyal to Coulson. Yes, I ship those two. Fitz, as mentioned, is dealing with the aftermath of his almost dying, without Jemma at his side. He imagines her to be there with him, evidence of a brain injury. (I will give some details about Jemma at the end). Ward is still locked in a prison beneath the facility that they are using, and has no regret for his actions.

The plot of the episodes so far has been great! Raina, the mysterious woman in the flower dress, reappeared and took the Obelisk for herself and a man, whom we understand is Skye’s father. And he seems pretty evil if you ask me. HYDRA is obviously still a threat, and it looks like it will be a focal point in the next episode. The agents juggled trying to destroy Kreel, hiding from General Talbot, and rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D, and it would seem successfully. The episode did leave viewers with a lot of questions. What exactly will happen to Coulson? Who is Skye’s father, and why is he a monster? Who is the strange man who wants the Obelisk? And the biggest question of all… What happened to Jemma Simmons? The answer, judging by the promo, is going to break the hearts of every fan.

In the promo, it appears that Simmons was taken by HYDRA, and is now working for them. One shot in the promo appears to show her aiming a gun at Coulson. This was the progression of my emotions through the 30 second  promo, from beginning, to middle, to end.

Crying Matt Smith, "What?"

Martin Freeman - "Can't deal with it."

This is me after I watch Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD, or pretty much anything in my fandoms...

So my heart is pretty much broken, my feels are in a mess, and I am not sure that I like the producers very much at this point. This combined with the Doctor Who and OUAT feels makes me about crazy!


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