Once Upon a Time Episode Review – A Tale of Two Sisters

Once Upon a Time has begun it’s 4th season, hitting the ground running with the newest addition to the show: Frozen. I was very excited overall about this season, despite so many people being overly negative about Frozen being added. And I was not disappointed.

The Frozen storyline had an excellent beginning, showing us a brief scene of Anna and Elsa’s father just before their ship went down, then taking us to Anna and Elsa visiting their memorial. From that scene onward, I knew that the producers had done an excellent job. Elsa was perfectly portrayed, bringing just the right amount of emotion to the role, and all throughout the episode, newcomer Elizabeth Lail proved herself as Anna. In fact, I get the feeling Anna might be a new favorite of mine, adorably awkward, bubbly, and adventurous, they got this character right. We also met Kristoff, who I think was well done despite his brief appearance, and Sven, who was very well acted by an adorable reindeer. Another character who made a brief appearance was Pabbie the Rock Troll. Pabbie is one of the best pieces of animation on the show thus far! My one issue was that he was voiced by John Rys-Davies, so all I could think the whole time was “GIMLI!!!!!!”

The episode continued where we left off in Storybrooke, right after the shocking reveal that Emma accidentally saved Robin’s “dead” wife, Marian. The scene that follows was heartbreaking, and sadly reminiscent of a scene from Frozen. Robin tries to introduce Marian to Regina, and is so gentle and kind, but Marian is angry that everyone is being so kind of Regina, whom she still sees as the Evil Queen. It about broke my heart to hear Marian shouting “She’s a monster!” Regina and Robin do end up talking, and Robin makes a heartbreaking, but noble decision, which I won’t spoil here. By the end of the episode, Regina seems to be toeing the line between good and evil once more. 😦

We also get some beautiful scenes of Rumple and Belle. One scene in particular, in which he goes to Neal’s grave, made me start sobbing, it was so beautiful. I also cried all the happy tears when Rumple and Belle danced, because they danced to Beauty and The Beast, in Beauty and the Beast costumes. And while Rumple still lied to Belle, he did do something right when it comes to the dagger. And we also saw him messing with a hat that looks suspiciously like the wizard hat from Disney.

There were some pretty great Emma and Hook moments, one of my faves being about Netflix. xD It is pretty obvious that they both have a lot of emotions to work through, but Hook again proved himself honorable. When Emma asked him to be patient with her, he gladly agreed. :’)

I can’t say too much without spoiling the episode, but longtime fans of the show should definitely enjoy it! And I know a lot of people whined about the Frozen addition, but I hope everyone will give it a chance!


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