Why I Don’t Need Feminism


Most people have seen it at least once: An image of a young woman holding a piece of paper with the words “I don’t need feminism because” or the like, followed by a reason that she does not need feminism. When I stumbled across this recently, I was thrilled. Seeing young women actually step up and say why they disagree with the movement is inspiring, even if it is just a picture. So I thought I might put in my two cents. So here is why I don’t need feminism.

I don’t need feminism because I understand that women and men are different, physically and mentally, and that we were not intended to hold the same roles. I am happy with the idea of being a wife and stay at home mom, and I am ok with working for extra income. But I won’t fight to do the same things as men because I get that I was not created to do those things.

I don’t need feminism because I will not be labelled a victim. I am sick of women claiming to always be the victims, whether they are asked to follow a reasonable dress code at prom or being told that they are not the right person for a job. We are not the victims. If you are asked to follow that dress code, then you might as well do it, because you are going to be asked to follow rules your entire life. And if a potential employer decides you aren’t right for a job, don’t assume it’s because you are a woman. Maybe we women should toughen up and learn to admit that sometimes, the only problem in a situation is our attitude about the situation.

I don’t need feminism because I believe that a woman should have a right to her own opinions and way of life. If a young woman is happy being a fundamental Christian homeschooler, then fine! Don’t make fun of her or try to convince her that she should “fight the patriarchy”. And if a woman expresses a desire to be a wife and stay at home mom, don’t shame her for that. Feminists preach that “Women should have the right to chose what they do with their lives”, but it seems that it only applies to women who desire to do what you want them to do. Case in point: Candance Cameron Bure, a female actress, said in her book Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose: “My husband is a natural-born leader. I quickly learned that I had to find a way of honoring his take-charge personality and not get frustrated about his desire to have the final decision on just about everything. I am not a passive person, but I chose to fall into a more submissive role in our relationship because I wanted to do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work.” People jumped all over her for simply saying that she chose to be more submissive because that’s what she wanted to do! Heaven forbid that a woman chose to go against the norm! *gasp*

I don’t need feminism because it minimizes the problems of men. If a woman speaks out about rape and sexual abuse towards women, and calls for action and attention for the issue, she is elevated, applauded, and lauded as a hero. But if a man speaks out about the rape and sexual abuse towards men, and calls for action and attention for the issue, the feminists jump all over him saying that “it is a bigger problem for women” and that he is being “sexist” to only speak about men’s issues. I have seen this happen all over the internet, and I am frankly sick of it.

I don’t need feminism because as a Christian, republican, feminine, homeschooled young lady, I have received more hate and oppression from feminists than I have ever received from the “patriarchy” I supposedly am oppressed by and enslaved to. Does my father expect a y0ung man to ask his permission to marry me? Yup. Does that make him oppressive? Well, according to feminists it is him controlling my life. But you know what? I am so blessed to have a dad who looks out for my best interests and wants to make sure that the man I marry is the right person for me. Of course, in the end, the decision is mine, but I love my father so much that I want his blessing on whatever I do. Do I only wear skirts that go below the knee? Yup. But I do it because I want to, not just because my parents desire for me to. I have been insulted, belittled, mocked, and shamed for the life I choose to life, by the very same people who claim that a woman should choose how she lives her life. Double standard much?

I guess what I am trying to say is this: My choice not to be a part of the movement is mine and mine alone. Feminists have no right to call me anti-woman, misogynistic, or hateful. I choose what I believe, and I don’t want a a few women speaking on my behalf. The idea behind feminism was great, back when women actually were treated unfairly. Back then, women could not vote, were barred from becoming doctors, lawyers, etc., could not own land, could not be governing officials, and were judged based on whether they were married by the time they were 21. Today, women believe oppression to be earning a little less than men do in the workplace, being told to follow a dress code, and the idea that a woman can be a stay at home mom. At least women today are allowed to work! At least we have the right to vote! The reason so many people hate the feminist movement is because the movement has turned into a bunch of thin skinned people whining about inconsequential things instead of “toughening up” and moving on. Maybe the women of the day should give this a try: Be content with the many wonderful rights and liberties we enjoy, and don’t try to force people to accept your way of thinking. Funny… I have been told by feminists that I am narrow minded… Maybe they should take a look in the mirror?

Sincerely, a proud Christian, homeschooled, republican, woman who is a product of the patriarchy.

P.S: I think this sums up the moderm feminist movement perfectly:


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