Doctor Who Episode Review – “Kill the Moon”

On Sunday night, I eagerly sat down to watch the newest episode of Doctor Who, the first time this season I have done so with eagerness. I was prepared for disappointment, but I was not expecting it. The previews may have seemed lackluster, but this episode was anything but! From the sass of the young schoolgirl named Courtney, to the painful decisions that Clara, Courtney, and Captain Ludvink must make, to the stunning performance of Jenna Coleman as Clara finally tells the Doctor off, this episode, while a bit slow, was amazing!

The premise of the episode was that the Doctor has told Courtney that she is not special, wounding her deeply. Clara convinces him to take it back, and he does so by taking Courtney into the future, where she will be the first woman on the moon. They land in a space shuttle that is about to crash land on the moon. Captain Ludvink tells the Doctor that she and her two crewmates are there to discover two things: What happened to a group of astronauts that came to the moon many years ago, and why the moon is losing gravity, causing the tides on Earth to go bonkers. From there on, we get creepy spider-germ thingies, lots of people dying, and the Doctor being rather stupid again. Despite his behavior, I really enjoyed this episode, and I hate how people are picking it apart, especially for the big reveal about the moon. It’s sci-fi and fantasy, it requires suspension of disbelief people!

I think my favorite part in the episode though was when Clara finally told the Doctor just how she feels about his new self, and her words so closely mirrored the feelings of many of the audience members. And while the Doctor may have been trying to do the right thing, he shouldn’t have done what he did. I am wondering if Clara’s departure will be like that of Tegan in Classic Who, leaving the Doctor because she can no longer handle the stresses of being a companion and the Doctor’s choices. My favorite line from the episode was when she threatened to “slap you so hard that you’ll regenerate!” Clara has really grown, and I will hate to see her go.

Next episode looks to be a companion-less episode, which makes me sad because I won’t love it as much without Clara. And I may wait to watch the next episode until daylight hours, due to the creepy mummy going around killing people in the promo. And if you don’t want to watch the whole episode, I do recommend watching this scene. Jenna Coleman is brilliant, and I wanted to give a resounding: “PREACH IT” to Clara during this scene:

And I know some people say that she was being unreasonable, but I honestly have to disagree. The Doctor walked away, leaving her to choose which party she should potentially murder, and simultaneously choose whether she and the others would die themselves. Along with the way he treated Courtney, I think it was a well deserved chewing out.


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