Once Upon a Time Episode Review – “White Out”

The second episode of season 4 was met with much anticipation, and definitely delivered new twists, emotions, and characters. I absolutely LOVED this episode, particularly the obvious bond that Emma and Elsa are developing and the sweet moments between Emma and Hook. CAPTAINSWAN FOREVER!!!! xD

The episode introduced two new characters. One is Bo Peep who is… the villain! (DUN DUN DUN!!!!!) And while she really seemed kind of stupid, it was obvious that she was placed in the show more for comic relief and a way to move the story along. We also were introduced to a strange woman who seems to have very similar powers to those of Elsa… Hmmmm….

I thought the storyline was great! Anna meeting David and helping him gain courage was much fun. Though I must say, David with long hair? No go. And watching Elsa as she struggles to cope in the modern world without Anna at her side was extremely emotional. The actress makes you feel every bit of Elsa’s fear and confusion. And not knowing if Anna is alive or not makes it even worse for Elsa. When Emma is trapped in an ice cave of Elsa’s making, the two definitely form a bond. Is is pretty obvious that these two are going to be good friends. And that last scene of Henry and Regina together just about broke my heart. So sweet but so sad. Regina is so lonely, and we can only hope that Henry can help her.

I also should mention that I love Hook even more now. At one point in the episode, David mentions that perhaps he and Hook should talk about his intentions towards Emma, and Hook clearly states that whatever direction their relationship goes, Emma’s feelings are equally important, if not more so, than Hook’s feelings. I loved the line about his seeing Emma as more than some piece of treasure to be won. Hook has definitely proven himself to be a man of honor, and the sweet moments he shared with Emma in the episode about made me swoon! *sigh* Another part of the episode that I loved was watching Mary Margaret work to become a leader, as Regina has seemingly abdicated her role as mayor. Her rant to Granny, Happy, and Grumpy was hilarious! Especially that final line: “You have survived your entire lives without lightbulbs, BUY A FLASHLIGHT!!!!!”

Overall, this episode is another excellent example of one of the finest shows on television today. I am continually surprised and impressed by the production quality, character development and casting, plotlines, and overall tones of the show. I am looking forward to seeing where next weeks episode takes us, especially with the arrival of a certain prince from the Southern Isles… *gasp*


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