The 7 Best Nerdy Parodies!

To the person who does not know what a parody is, it is basically a remake of a song, movie, etc. that tends to be humorous. For example, Veggie Tales did a remake of Lord of the Rings titled Lord of the Beans. As a huge nerd, I stumble across some pretty great parodies, from Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who to Disney. Here is my list of the best parodies out there, with links included for your enjoyment. I hope y’all like them as much as I did!

1: “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al. This one is a parody of something called American Pie (which I have not seen and do not recommend trying to find either). The song is all about Star Wars! It was actually the first parody I can remember hearing, and it is one of my all time faves!

2: “One Ring” by The Warp Zone. This is a parody of “One Thing” by One Direction! While I do not recommend this channel to anyone, this song is great! I was in hysterics the first time I ever watched it! It is all about Lord of the Rings.

3: “Let it Go” in the voices of various Disney/Pixar characters. Ok, this one isn’t exactly a parody, but I HAD to include it! While the first few voices are a little shaky, once this guy gets going, it is hard to believe that it isn’t the actual characters singing!

4: “Gandalf Style” by The Screen Team. Yup, this is a parody of “Gangnam Style”. And while I am not a huge fan of “Galadriel” in this video, I LOVE the song. Way too funny to watch Gandalf dancing through the streets.

5: “Word Crimes” by Weird Al. This goes out to all of my fellow grammar freaks. This song is beautiful. xD It is a great parody of a not so great song, and I cannot get enough of it!

6: “The Time Warp: A Doctor Who Parody” by the Hillywood Show”. I am not entirely sure what this song is about, and there is one line about drinking that I don’t like at the very beginning, but other than that, this is a song that any Doctor Who fan will love. It is obvious that the people who made this spent a LOT of time on the costumes and sets.

7: Last but not least is “Talk Nerdy”, another amazing parody of a less than good song. This one has everything. Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Avengers, even Harry Potter (though I in no way endorse the series). And there is a lot of stuff about video games in there that is pretty much like Greek to me.

Are there any other parodies that y’all love? They don’t have to be geeky, they can just be fun! Stay Nerdy!


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