Once Upon a Time Episode Review – “Rocky Road”

The third episode of the 4th season of Once Upon a Time, “Rocky Road” delivers new thrills, chills (pun intended), and crazy twists that left fans scrambling for answers to new burning questions. It also delivered disappointments, sadness, and lots of other emotions. And by the end of the episode, most fans were completely confused, angry, and excited.

The episode fully introduces a new Snow Queen, who says that she is Elsa’s aunt. Whether or not this is true is somewhat questionable. As of now, her only name is “Dairy Queen” as given to her by Emma. *snicker* She is clearly quite evil and conniving, as she casts a curse on Marian and allows the townsfolk to believe that is is Elsa. She tells Elsa that she was doing it because she cared (ha!) and that Elsa would be better of without them. She also says some other things that are likely lies, but I won’t say here to keep from spoiling. We also got to see what I like to call “The Adventures of Kristoff and Elsa, and Sven” in Arendelle as they try to keep Prince Hans and his evil brothers from attacking the kingdom. It was fun, especially a scene of Kristoff talking to Sven that had me in a fit of giggles.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma, David, Hook, and Elsa go to Mr. Gold for help, and it is then that Hook begins to suspect something: Perhaps Mr. Gold did not give Belle the dagger after all? And Hook uses that suspicion against Mr. Gold later when he convinces him to help find the person who truly cast the curse on Marian. And speaking of Marian, she is freezing. Literally. The snow queen gave Robin, Marian, and Roland some ice cream (after an “awwww” inducing moment with Roland), but does something to Marian’s. Robin goes to Regina for help, and she vows to find a way to save Marian. Of course, Robin tries true love’s kiss, but it doesn’t work, and not for the reason that he allows people to believe. As he tells Regina: “That kiss didn’t work because I’m in love with someone else”.

And of course, Regina and Henry had a great bonding moment. She asks for his help in finding the author of the book so that she can have a happy ending too, and Henry agrees. I cannot express how excited I am to see them working together on “Operation Mongoose”. xD

I think Once Upon a Time is the only show that has not disappointed me in some way this season… Well, except when I was mentally shouting at Rumple at the end of the episode. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as much as I love it, has really sunken my FitzSimmon’s ship. Doctor Who is pretty much ruined with this awful new Doctor. And Murdoch Mysteries refuses to bring George and Emily together once and for all. I am especially excited for next week, as Hook and Emma will FINALLY have that first date that they talked about. Oh, did I mention that we finally met Will Scarlett from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? I really should watch that show, but I am absolutely thrilled to see a new face in Storybrooke! 😀


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