Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review – “Face My Enemy”

The latest episode in this season, “Face My Enemy” looked pretty epic from the promos and clips, and turned out to be even better than expected. The episode proved to be emotional and exciting, and it looks like next weeks will turn the heat up another notch.

The episode revolves around Coulson and May’s attempt to retrieve a painting that has a strange kind of writing on the back, the same writing that Garrett and Coulson began scribbling after their injection with the “miracle drug”. They get into an all exclusive party, and search for the painting. General Talbot is there as well, but Coulson deduces that something is not right. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that the painting isn’t there, and what follows is a lot of action and craziness. I think the best part of the whole Coulson and May plotline was when a HYDRA agents disguised herself as May, but Coulson knew May well enough to figure out the truth. The fight scene was pretty cool too. And if I shipped Coulson and May before, I ULTRA ship them now. They have a bond that goes deeper than an ordinary friendship, and their conversation near the end of the episode revealed that.

The other plotline in the episode is that of the team on the bus as they await Coulson and May’s return. Skye, Mac, Trip, and Lance are all bonding and telling jokes, but Fitz is afraid to join in because he no longer feels like a part of the team. The rest of that revolves around him proving that he is still just that: Part of the team, and the episode ends with him getting some bonding time with Mac and Lance. I about cried multiple times, especially when he mentioned Simmons. I am wondering if my FitzSimmons ship has sunk. 😥

Other than some cussing, the episode was fairly clean. There were some fight scenes that were a little violent, particularly the one between May and the HYDRA agent disguised as her. Overall, I would say this episode was one of the best this season. I am loving the deep bonds we are seeing come out of the woodwork here. And it looks like next week will have Simmons on the run. As it seems, Raina has reappeared, told by HYDRA to give up the Obelisk or die. In the promo, she says that Coulson will help her, or Simmons will die. *gasp* Let’s just say that I am worried that we might lose another character.


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