Doctor Who Episode Review – “Flatline”

This week’s Doctor Who episode brought what, to me, seemed to be the freakiest monsters, funniest conversations, and most brilliant moments all season. Well, this one and The Caretaker were both brilliant. But in “Flatline”, Clara shines as the “main” character in the story, as the Doctor is trapped inside a shrinking TARDIS. We also met a brilliant new side character, found out that Clara has been lying to Danny, and discovered that the strange woman named Missy has a plan, and it involves Clara.

Overall I enjoyed the episode, though I was pretty mad at Clara about her lying to Danny, and the Doctor as well. I felt like her dishonesty was wrong, especially given the fact that Danny was willing to support her no matter what decision she made concerning her relationship with the Doctor. But she was a brilliant Doctor, and the Doctor’s reactions to her impersonations of him were hilarious. Jenna Coleman has really brought new dimensions to Clara’s character this season, and I will be sad to see her go, as will inevitably happen.

The Doctor was also fun in this episode, particularly his little happy dance when he missed death by mere inches. And his speech before he destroyed the monsters was particularly chilling. Though his comments to Clara at the end were confusing. That and the fact that Missy has something to do with what Clara is doing. Like, WHO IS THIS WOMAN AND WHY IS SHE SPYING ON CLARA?????

The content was fairly clean, a bit of cussing as usual. There was also a brief bit of innuendo that nearly went over my head until someone pointed it out to me. Looks like next week will have us back in London… the jungle… both? And Danny will be back, which leads me to believe that there will be a confrontation between him and Clara.

We only have 4 episodes left in this season now, and my overall thought is generally hit-or-miss. Some episodes have shone, such as The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, and Flatline. But most of the episodes have been disappointing, blah, or just plain bad. Deep Breath is the worst series opener in the modern Who. The Doctor is cold and detached, caring nothing for the lives of others. What ever happened to: “In 900 years of space and time I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”? Clara is a great character, and I love the huge steps she has taken in this series. But even so… I am ready for regeneration already.


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