Once Upon a Time Episode Review – “The Apprentice”

Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time delivered a plotline that I will not soon forget, and brought new deeds to light from characters that I had truly believed to be good. The episode continued the storyline of Anna in the Enchanted Forest, but in Storybrooke focused more on Hook and Emma’s first date, and a big mistake that Hook made that could cost him everything.

In the Enchanted Forest, Anna goes to visit Rumplestiltskin and asks him for information about her parents. He agrees to do so once she has done a task for him, making her sign a deal. First mistake. It is obvious that Rumple needs Anna to get something… But what? It seems to be a magical hat thingy that Rumple wants to use to do something. What he intends to do with it, we can only guess. Anna learns an important lesson about facing one’s inner darkness before she returns to Kristoff in a sweet scene.

In Storybrooke, Emma and Hook go on their first date (FINALLY), and Hook goes to Rumple and asks for his hand back so that he can be a whole man for Emma. Hook uses his knowledge of the dagger as leverage to convince Rumple to do it. But he does not take Rumple’s warning’s about the nature of the hand to heart and sees bits of his old self returning on the date. When he goes to Rumple to ask for him to remove it, Rumple says he will… For a prince. And Hook, frightened and desparate, accepts. First mistake. By the end of the episode, Hook has been backed into a corner with no where to run, and we can only guess what will happen next.

Other happenings include Emma chasing after “Dairy Queen” as the mysterious Snow Queen has been called, Henry going to work for Rumple in order to get help for Regina in finding the author of the book, and Snow and Charming being the adorable parents watching their daughter go out.

Other than a bit of cussing here and there, and a bit of innuendo, this episode was, as usual, mostly clean. There’s a reason I consider OUAT to be one of the best shows on TV, and it isn’t just the plot. Next week’s episode looks like it will be a bit freaky, but I am looking forward to FINALLY discovering who this Snow Queen is. And Anna will be in Storybrooke, Emma and Regina will have to work together, and that freaky lady wants to hurt Elsa… in her words “I’m going to build a snowman…” Thanks for ruining the song. xD


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