Things only Fandoms Will Understand – “Merlin” Edition

So I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while, but realized that I have a ton of fandoms to choose from. Solution: Do one at a time! Today I have chosen Merlin. There are so many hilarious ones and sad ones for this, and I hope y’all enjoy it! If you don’t get it… GO WATCH MERLIN NOW!!!!!!!!

Things only Merlin fans will understand:

Uther’s problems are many…


The first 3 seasons summed up in one picture<-The whole storyline summed up in one picture.

The painful realities of Morgana Pendragon *sobs*

This hurts... This really hurts... :'( *sobbing*

Colin Morgan’s tears…

Oh that? That's just the sound of my heart breaking.... Nothing to... *sniffle* Worry about.

Hmmm, let’s see. I see Gaius, Gwen, Leon… Oh, there’s Percival… Yup. That’s it, Oh, and Merlin…

Let's see... there's Merlin.  And Gaius.  And good ole Leon who can't ever die.  Yep, not a long list. Oh, and Gwen.

Those clueless newbies…


The realities of being a manservant…

What my boss thinks I do... That is perfect!

Gwaine’s hair… Just… Gwaine’s hair…

... I am going to die of laughter if this keeps up!

The hilarity of the infamous “Oblivious Arthur” meme…

But at least the dungeons are top-notch!     Never thought of that one....

Like... REALLY ARTHUR????? You even knighted Percival, whom you BARELY KNEW and couldn't even knight your loyal friend and servant????   ROFL!!!!

(No, seriously… Go on Google or Pinterest and look up oblivious Arthur. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!)

The amazing (and sometimes dumb) knights of Camelot…

Knights of Camelot- Merlin  <3 them all. each and everyone one of them.

(From left to right: Percival, Gwaine, Lancelot, Arthur, Elyan, and Leon)

This facial expression…

I personally wouldn't do it with people all around me like Morgana <--thank you! also they were rarely occasions to smirk about.

This hilarious truth…

Gwaine advice. It did get him pretty far in life though! Wonder where he'd have ended up if he hadn't helped them!

Uther needs some help with his security…

Uther meme LOL - Merlin on BBC Fan Art (21382175) - Fanpop fanclubs

The crazy grudges held by numerous characters are bad… But this one tops them all…

People don't seem to get that Merlin tripped Mordred in the hope that the knights of Camelot would kill him and Mordred knew this. That's why Mordred was so ticked. Frankly, I think that Merlin was being OOC, because I can't believe that he would ever murder a child whether it was indirect or not. --Description by DestinyandDoom

The pain that this character caused us…

I seriously want to crawl in a corner, cry and yell no with Mordred now.  Mordred...  Poor baby...

The fact that this caused no suspicion whatsoever…

Fan Art/Memes - Merlin Wiki - BBC TV Series

And Merlin’s brilliant ways of trickery and general sneakiness…


“Dragoon… THE GREAT”…

Gotta love those parts!

And the accuracy of this… Bottom left….

Mine was and still is the "die-hard Merlin Fan's Reaction".... and Morgana's.

And this…

what-i-think-meme-on-merlin-merlin-on-bbc-33495099-710-696.png (710×696)


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