Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode Review – “A Hen in the Wolf House”

Despite the fairly humorous title, this episode was anything but. The stakes in this episode were high, possibly the highest this season. Raina, being threatened by HYDRA, tries to convince Coulson to make a deal with her so that she can live. This deal? Raina takes Skye to meet her father, whom we now know is a cruel man, and she doesn’t rat out Simmons, who is still deep undercover in HYDRA. But Coulson, as always, has a plan, and calls Raina’s bluff. The episode delivers some of the biggest shockers of the season, and brings a couple of tear-inducing moments along with them.

The first is when Skye finds where her father was hiding, along with a picture of him holding her as a baby. She cries in Coulson’s arms, and I was crying with her. After everything she has been through, now she finds out her father is a monster. The other moment was involving FitzSimmons, but I won’t spoil that one. And I LOVED the new character by the name of Bobbi Morse, aka. Mockingbird. My jaw about hit the floor when I realized who she was, and then I was cheering. And it looks like Lance is going to have some adventures in the making as he deals with his “she devil ex-wife” (as he so colorfully puts it) being around.

As the plot thickens, the characters grow closer, and the stakes are raised, the show is becoming better and better. Coulson and Skye have finally gotten to the point where they are back to the father/daughter like relationship they shared, and his relationship with May is apparently deeper than any of us expected. I have also loved seeing May and Skye work together. They make a great team. And seeing more and more of Ward is putting me on the fence about his character. One part of me wants to hate him and despise his sick soul for what he did to the team, but the other part feels bad for him and wants to believe that he actually regrets what he has done. It appears that we might discover more about him next week.

In terms of content, the biggest concern is the violence. This episode was particularly violent, with an opening sequence that consisted of people dying from a terrible alien weapon. Their faces were grotesque. Another disturbing bit was when the team found two dead bodies, one of which had a pretty gruesome wound. I was able to glance away, but it was still pretty disturbing. And of course there is language, as always.

And while we are on the topic of MARVEL… THE AGE OF ULTRON TRAILER HAS FINALLY RELEASED!!!!!! It was originally supposed to premiere during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. next week, but someone (Marvel blames HYDRA) leaked it early, so Marvel decided to release it to the public. So, instead of a trailer… (are you ready??)… We get a WHOLE ENTIRE CLIP!!!!! And the movie isn’t even coming until May 1st of next year!!!!! So, needless to say, I am so excited! The trailer was depressing, exciting, wonderful, and sad. We finally got to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in action, and I am LOVING them already!!!! If you haven’t gotten to see it yet, please go look it up on YouTube! 😀 Stay Nerdy everyone!


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