Doctor Who Episode Review – “In the Forest of the Night”

The last few weeks of episodes have been surprisingly good, though Flatline was still somewhat underwhelming. But this weeks episode made me feel like I was actually watching Doctor Who again. It wasn’t just some old guy who replaced the loveable 11. It was THE Doctor.

The plot of the episode revolves around a forest springing up all over the world, taking over the planet, and the problem of a massive solar flare that will destroy the earth. The entire episode had me wondering how on earth they would get out of this one, and for a moment I actually cried because it seemed like there was no way that they would get out of it. But, as always, the Doctor has a plan… Well, half a plan.

I particularly loved watching the Doctor interact with Maebe (And no, that is not a typo. I believe it is pronounced “Mave”?), a young girl who is a student of Clara and Danny’s. She suffered a great trauma when her sister ran away from home and has been on medication. But watching the Doctor interact with her was adorable. She brought out a sweetness in him that I hadn’t seen yet. To be honest, I loved all of the kids in this episode. They were what you might call “problem children”, whom Clara and Danny were working to help. And by the end of the episode, these kids had become a team.

Danny was also pretty funny in this episode. He gets into the adventure role in this episode, and we see his inner soldier come out. Of course, it drives the kids insane at first, but they soon come to love it. And I greatly admired his response to discovering Clara’s dishonesty. Instead of walking up to her and accusing her/chewing her out, he gave her the choice to tell him the truth, even telling her to take some time to think first. That is what I love about Danny. He doesn’t whine because Clara travels with the Doctor, or act all wimpy. He is strong, and understands that Clara makes her own choices.

So overall, I loved the episode. And it is a great lead up to what looks to be a crazy first part of the season finale. Yup, you read that right. The season finale begins on Saturday. The promo legitimately freaked me out. “You will never see the inside of your TARDIS again”? “Clara Oswald I don’t think you will!”???????? “Clara Oswald NEVER existed????????????????” Seriously… WHAT??????? I am eagerly (And fearfully) anticipating the finale, and FINALLY finding out who Missy really is, AND seeing the return of the Cybermen. And hopefully hearing that Moffat will step down? *gets on knees and begs*

Stay nerdy everyone!


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