Once Upon a Time Episode Review – “Breaking Glass”

The latest episode of OUAT brought forth new revelations and gave us a much desired glimpse into Emma’s childhood. By the end of the promo for next week’s episode, I was more than a little excited and shocked. So what sort of things did we learn from this episode.

Well, first off, that Regina is hurting, a lot. And all throughout the episode, Emma tries to show Regina that she wants to be friends, despite Regina’s anger. Another thing we learn (Which is explained, but no spoilers here) is that Sidney, Regina’s mirror, is not being entirely honest with Regina. We also learn the identity of the Snow Queen in terms of her relationship with Emma. All of this makes for lots of fun twists and turns.

Another aspect of the episode that I loved was watching Snow and Charming finally get some time together, and seeing Snow finally get back to her old self. In the previous episode, Dr. Hopper told Snow that it wasn’t wrong for her to sometimes be separated from baby Neal, and I think Snow is finally realizing that even though she may have missed Emma’s childhood, she has plenty of time to enjoy being with Neal.

Other fun stuff? Besides seeing more of the Knave/Will Scarlett, I loved the little reference to Asgard. It was rather ironic considering that Josh Dallas (Who plays Charming) played in the first Thor movie. To be honest though, next episode has me worried. The promo talks about sister turning against sister????? Uhm,  they better not go ruining Elsa and Anna! And husband against wife? Well, I think it is high time that Belle finds out about the dagger and gives Rumple a good chewing out. I also read in a little synopsis that Emma will lose control of her magic, and pushes everyone away and turns to Mr. Gold for help? Yeah Emma, real smart. Turn to the guy who forced your boyfriend to commit murder for help with your pretty serious powers. *facepalm*


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