The Best Fandom Crossovers on the Internet

I haven’t blogged at all this week, and my brain is way too fuzzy to do any kind of serious post or review (and there was no Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week anyway) so I thought I would do something a bit random. In my adventures in internet-land, I have discovered something fun, crazy, and sometimes mindblowing. We call them crossovers, fandom collisions, etc. Basically, you take two fandoms and “combine” them to get something fun. Sometimes this means drawing some fanart with characters doing crazy stuff, sometimes it’s combining screenshots. So I decided to show y’all my favorite fandom collisions from the internet. These are from all sorts of different fandoms, so hopefully you’ll see something that you recognize! Enjoy! (And as a note, none of these images belong to me, but y’all probably guessed that. All credit goes to the original artists and such)

Rory, Rory is ready(Captain America/Doctor Who):

Rory. Rory is ready.

Only Classic Who fans will get this one(Doctor Who/The Hobbit):


And we all know who does it best(Doctor Who/Tangled):

How can I not pin this? XDXD

(and to amend it with some Lord of the Rings)

Samwise Gamgee - The original user of the frying pan in battle!

The beauty of this film(Princess Diaries/Batman/Star Trek/Lord of the Rings/Mary Poppins/Doctor Who):

The most unintentionally geeky movie of all time.

How perfectly true this is in context of the book(Hunger Games/Tangled):

Hunger Games meets Tangled! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to imagine what this would sound like…(The Hobbit/Frozen):

Smaug tweets, Frozen crossover. Didn't know I needed this... AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

It’s creepy how this totally makes sense(Doctor Who/The Avengers):

I read this in both voices. xD

“You have keen eyes Master Olaf…” (Frozen/The Hobbit):

"You have keen eyes, Master Olaf."  <LOL!!  This is so true!!

I will never read this line the same way again(The Hunger Games/Frozen):


The perfection of this crossover is almost too much(Frozen/The Avengers):

Frozen and Avengers Meme // This is just the best...I'm laughing so hard....

I am becoming more and more sure that there is a Disney quote for EVERYTHING(The Hobbit/The Lion King):


I may not be a huge Sherlock fan, but this made me laugh(Sherlock/Lord of the Rings):

Tell me where is Mycroft, for I much desire to speak with him.

The fact that Doctor Who can even combine with Jane Austen(Doctor Who/Pride and Prejudice):


The fact that Sherlock is Smaug and John is Bilbo is perfect(The Hobbit/Sherlock):


Inigo Montoya has no words… (Star Wars/The Princess Bride)

Star Wars/Princess bride crossover: Genius!

What is there to say? This speaks for itself(Frozen/Lord of the Rings):

I have been waiting many moons for this meme to appear. AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

If you don’t think it works, listen to the Demi Lovato version of the song, and tell me that you don’t think of Loki(Frozen/Thor):

Loki/Frozen crossover

Even children’s shows are not safe from the fandoms(Doctor Who/Pooh Bear):

Doctor Pooh. OH. MY. WORD!!!!!!

This works so well, I have nothing to say(Doctor Who/Aladdin):

Yes. So much yes.

The fact the Uther would totally do this is what makes it great(Merlin/Frozen):


This little jewel of a song rewrite(Doctor Who/Mulan):

Mysterious as the dark side of an ood... I can just imagine Shang singing this

I love that I wasn’t the only one thinking this(Merlin/The Princess Bride):

The Dread Wizard Merlin <<<<AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally….

The meme that has taken the internet(Captain America:The Winter Soldier/Pretty much every fandom):

I was waiting for the Hobbit crossover to get here... AHAHAHA!!!!!


well, now this one I can see. Definitely.

Hope y’all enjoyed it! I will hopefully be back to normal posting soon! Until then, stay Nerdy!


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