A Thanksgiving Message

In the midst of the cooking and planning, checking up on sales, travelling, and general rush of Thanksgiving, take a moment. Just take a deep breath, and remember something. This is the day that we have set aside to be thankful for the many blessings we enjoy. So while it is great to cook that turkey and get to those sales in the morning, don’t let all that take away from what today is about. Remember to hug your family and tell them you love them. Remember to be grateful that you have the delicious food before you(even if the turkey is a bit crispy). Remember that getting that tablet at a crazy cheap price isn’t everything.

And I’m not going to tell you not to go Black Friday shopping, but think about this: Isn’t it ironic, that we spend a day being thankful for what we do have, and then spend the next day rushing people, pushing people, sometimes being mean to people, just to get more stuff? And now that many sales start on Thanksgiving, it would almost seem that the true meaning of this day has been forgotten.

So if you miss that incredible sale, just relax. I’ll bet you can get the same thing online for a better price. And if the turkey gets burned, or the rolls turn out flat, just be thankful that you have turkey and rolls at all. And if you really don’t want to see that relative who seems to boss you around, remember to thank God for the family you have.

God says to “give thanks” and to “be content”. That’s what the pilgrims did when they had the first Thanksgiving. They didn’t have much, but what they did have, they shared and were thankful for. Sadly, I think that we forget what they went through before Thanksgiving was a thing. So lets take time to remember, be thankful, and praise God for all that he has blessed us with. God bless everyone!


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