Once Upon a Time Episode Review – “Fall”

With this being one of the last three episodes in this half of the season, I knew that the stakes were going to be pushed higher and higher throughout this episode. At the end of the previous episode, we saw the Snow Queen (aka. Ingrid) finally cast the Curse of Shattered Sight, a curse that will turn all of the townspeople against each other until they tear each other apart. Emma and Elsa are the only ones immune to the curse, due to the ribbons that the Snow Queen magically place on their arms. And that is where this episode begins.

When Rumple went to the Snow Queen and bargained for the lives of Henry and Belle, I wanted to cheer, but something niggled at the back of my mind. It’s really sweet and all, but why Henry? As it turns out, Rumple just wants to save his own skin. In fact, he tells Hook “If it comes down to me and everyone else, me wins, every time”. And just like that, all progress made by Rumple went out the window, and all my hopes for him went pfft! I am super upset that he has returned to his selfish, cowardly ways, even more upset that he forcing Hook to do his dirty work.

Emma and company try to find a way out of town so that people can escape the curse, but they discover that it is impossible. So they split up, Regina goes to warn Robin with Henry in tow, Hook heads to the docks to search for other means of escape, and Emma and Elsa head to the pawnshop to talk to Belle. They discover that there might be a way to protect the townspeople from the curse, if they can only find Anna, who was hit with the curse once before. So Emma uses a locator spell on Anna’s necklace, and the hunt begins.

Back in Arendale, Anna and Kristoff are unfrozen after 30 years in ice, but quickly discover that Hans and his evil brothers have been unfrozen as well. They make a run for it and decide to seek out a pirate by the name of… Blackbeard. According to her mother’s diary, he possesses a powerful thing called a wishing star, that they might be able to use to rescue Elsa.

I won’t say too much more, except that this is the first episode in a long time to make me cry so hard as I did. From the horrible act that Hook is forced to commit, to the goodbyes between characters as they separate from their loved ones, this episode packed some serious emotional oomf. I do want to discuss Hook and Emma though, because there were some things that happened that will be important in the future. First off, Hook was forced by Rumple (who has his heart), to suck the fairies into the hat. It is a heartbreaking scene as Blue looks into his eyes and we see the grief on his face. He even apologizes to her. And when Emma comes in moments later and Hook stays out of sight, he is crying. If I were Emma and I ever got hold of Rumple, I would be sorely tempted to beat him up. And when Hook and Emma said goodbye, and shared a sweet and heartwrenching kiss, something happened. Emma touches her lips as he walks away, a look of confusion on her face… Almost as if she realizes his heart wasn’t in it?

And I must say, Adam and Eddie have become masters of the cliffhanger ending. The way the episode ends is just enough to leave you begging for more, but also a perfect ending. There was some cussing as usual, but nothing over the top. In fact, my biggest problem this week was with how emotional it was. One of my favorite lines was when Regina told Robin that  she was going to seal herself into her vault, and he asks: “To keep everyone out?” and she replies with tears: “To keep me in.” And she tells him to be very afraid of her. 😦 I can hardly wait for next week, and then the season finale! 😀 Stay nerdy everyone!


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