Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode Review – “Ye Who Enter Here”

After last weeks episode, which was a bit slower than what we’re used to from this season, I was looking forward to the fast paced craziness of the last two episodes before the winter break. And I was not disappointed in the least.

Coulson, Fitz, Simmons, Mack, and Bobbi head off to the mysterious city so that they can reach the temple before HYDRA. Skye, May, Lance, and a couple of the Koenig (pronounced Kaynig) brothers head off to rescue Rayna from being captured by Daniel Whitehall. They run into Agent 33, who still has May’s face and voice. But after they have Rayna, Skye realizes that Coulson and the others are in grave danger, and the episode left us with an insane cliffhanger.

I really loved this one, possibly one of my favorite episodes so far! It brought everything: The creepy, the intense, mixed in a bit of romantic tension here and there, and even brought some great comedy with the hilarious Koenigs. And it brought some insane revelations to light, and… *sigh* the death of a character whom I have come to love. 😦 And I loved seeing a different side of Rayna. This episode made something clear to us: She isn’t actually all that bad of a person. She’s a good person who was convinced to do some bad things because she thought it would help her and others. And Rayna made it clear that she, like Skye, is special.

Along those lines, she also revealed the name of the blue aliens: The Kree. I worked very hard not to scream when I heard that, because that means that AoS is setting up for “Inhumans”, a MARVEL film projected to come out in the next several years. So this means that Skye is obviously more special than she realizes.

When it comes to Coulson and Co., an awkward, and heartbreaking situation came up. Bobbi questions Simmons early on about Fitz, and Jemma deftly dodges the questions. She says that she and Fitz are nothing more than best friends, but we can all see the truth obviously. Later, Fitz tells Jemma that he will no longer be working with her in the lab, telling her that he isn’t getting any better. That whole scene about broke me, as I have shipped FitzSimmons from the start.

When they try to enter the city, they first send down a character to check things out. But when this character touches the strange carvings in the floor, something happens. When they are pulled back up, they have gone mad, and begin attacking the others. Both Simmons and Bobbi almost die before this character falls to their doom, breaking everyone’s hearts. (And no, I’m not telling who it is).

And guess what?! Our old friend Ward makes an appearance, and takes Rayna from the team, and well as Skye. It’s a tricky situation, especially because Whitehall wanted the team dead, and Ward (surprisingly) let them live. And there, the episode leaves us, with nothing more than an intense promo for next week’s episode to carry us into next week.

Overall, this episode was great! Some cussing, as per usual, but nothing else. It was incredibly intense, and next week, Skye is going to meet her biological father. Now why do I make that important distinction? Because it is obvious who she sees as the father in her life right now (*cough* Coulson *cough*), and I don’t think her monster of a father could change that. So now, we nervously await next week. Stay nerdy!


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