Once Upon a Time Episode Review – “Shattered Sight”

The final episode before the season finale aired on Sunday night, and while it wasn’t quite as explosive as I had expected, it was most definitely an appropriate build up for next week, and a fitting ending for our villain (or not so villainous?). There are major spoilers, as I want to mention what made this villain so unique.

The episode shows us the missing memories of Emma’s, of her time with Ingrid, which actually… wasn’t that bad? These tidbits of history show that Ingrid really did love Emma very much. But unfortunately, her drive to see Emma come into her own pushed Emma away. We also saw the conversation that Sydney took pictures of, apparently back in season one. This was where Ingrid removed Emma’s memories. The fact that Emma really did love Ingrid too was enough to make you see the current situation in a different light.

My favorite thing about this episode was seeing everyone under the curse. Well, almost everyone. Emma, Elsa, Anna, and Rumple escaped, as we all know, but so did a certain pirate. According to Rumple, it was because his heart was in “protective custody”, rather ironic considering that Rumple is going to kill Hook anyway. But anyway. Regina went full evil queen, even magically replacing her pantsuit with her evil queen dress (complete with gratuitous cleavage). Watching Lana Parilla get back into the evil role was great, and I have missed seeing that side of her somewhat. And Snow and Charming being under the curse made for some hilarious dialogue, my personal favorite being when Kristoff and Anna were with them.

Even Henry was affected, though his was more of a “rebellious teenager” than it was evilness. When Hook goes to fetch Henry so that Rumple can take him and Belle away from the town, Henry goes “Home Alone” on Hook, leaving marbles on the floor, causing Hook to fall on his backside.

Emma and Elsa are told by Anna that there is only one solution: To kill Ingrid. Though Elsa doesn’t believe that killing is the answer, Emma is determined that she will save her family. After a few minor setbacks that involved breaking some of the stuff in Rumple’s shop and lying to Regina to make her throw a fireball at them, Emma and Elsa reach Ingrid’s cave, where she waits with what she says are their missing memories. She claims that they won’t kill her because they know that they loved her at some point.

In the end, it is Anna who saves them from more killing, when she arrives at the cave with a note. A note that their mother wrote before their ship went down. A note that speaks of her love for Ingrid, and her grief over the mistakes that she made. It was here that I started crying, which I didn’t expect. Ingrid, after trying to kill Anna, reads the note, and says something that no villain thus far has said: “What have I done?” She too knows that there is only one way to stop the spell, and despite Emma and Elsa’s protests, decides to destroy  herself. I was sobbing at this point. And when she is destroyed by the mirror, we see one last glimpse of her, as a child, running with Helga and Gerda through a field. Yeah, that didn’t make the crying stop.

The spell lifts, and everyone begins to stop fighting. The best bit by far was seeing Regina, Snow, and Charming. Snow and Regina were in the middle of trying to kill each other, and when the spell lifts, Regina promptly looks down at her dress and says: “What am I wearing?” They then fall into a fit of hysterical laughter as they realize how stupid they were being. The ending is another conversation between Rumple and Hook, where Hook makes a final plea to Rumple, asking him to leave Storybrooke alone. Rumple agrees, but insinuates that the rest of the world might not be so lucky before he walks out of his shop with a smirk on his face.

The thing I found really incredible about Ingrid’s ending, is that she is the one villain who died truly redeeming herself. She destroyed herself to save everyone else, blamed no one for her problems, even saying that she made herself a monster through her actions. And I think there is a lesson to be learned. As a Christian, I know that even the worst sort of person can be redeemed by God’s grace, and despite the fact that OUAT is not a Christian show at all, Ingrid provides a picture of that. I have spoken to someone recently who was able to use the theme of redemption in OUAT as a springboard to talk about the redeeming blood of Christ with a non-Christian friend.

And while the story did move a little too quickly, I thought that the episode was incredible. Moving and exciting to say the least. And next week, the winter finale. Will Hook die? That seems to be the biggest question on the minds of fans. And where do the three new villains come from? Yes, three. We get Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella De Vil. So it looks like the winter finale will be explosive, and will leave fans gasping for air until March! Stay Nerdy!


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