Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode Review – “What They Become”

This episode being the Winter finale, I knew that I should expect lots of craziness and a lot of sadness. And I was right. Though I do wish the episode had been two hours instead of one, it still delivered plenty of insanity, death, and a BIG reveal as to the true identity of Skye.

The much awaited reunion between father and daughter finally happened. I just have to say that the guy who plays her father, who we now know is named Cal, is a masterful actor. He switches between loving father and madman with such ease. And it actually made me feel bad for him and Skye. He may be somewhat evil, but deep down, he truly loves Skye. You could see it in the way he reacted when he saw her for the first time. And I started crying when he told Skye about her mother. And not only that, we learned Skye’s true name: Daisy. (Cue the freakouts from hardcore MARVEL fans) But it doesn’t take long for him to decide that now is the time to kill Whitehall (an act of revenge for his dead wife). When he finally gets the chance, however, Coulson shoots Whitehall down. This angers Cal, to the point of crazed madness, and he almost kills Coulson before Skye stops him. Oh, did I mention Ward? He tries to help Skye, and he obviously still loves her a lot, but Skye is smart enough to know that she can’t trust him, and shoots him several times. (but something stops the bullets)

FitzSimmons were back full time this week, and here you could see that Fitz has made leaps and bounds in terms of his improvement. He even went off on his own to give him, Jemma, and Trip a better chance of completing their mission. And what was their mission? To set bombs all around the city, so that they would blow up before Whitehall could do anything with the Obelisk. They complete their mission, but as soon as they are back above ground, they hear from May that Coulson and Skye have both entered the city. Skye is following Raina, who possesses the Obelisk, and Coulson is following Skye. Trip goes back down into the city to disable the bombs, leaving a terrified FitzSimmons behind.

Raina and Skye enter the temple, but not before they each encounter “zombiefied” Mac. His eyes black, his face expressionless, it broke my heart to see Skye’s reaction to seeing him this way. While Mac doesn’t hurt them, Coulson is not so lucky. He is perceived as a threat, so is prevented from following Skye and Raina into the temple. Trip, however, is able to enter just before the doors of the temple close behind him. And this is where things get crazy. The obelisk begins to open, and strange, glowing crystals are revealed. Raina is pleased, going on about the “evolution” and the fact that she and Skye will finally see what they are. But then, a strange explosion happens, hitting Skye, Raina, and Trip. Trip watches in horror as Skye turns to stone, along with Raina. He tries to destroy the crystals, but is thrown back. And just as Skye begins to lose her stonelike shell, Trip himself turns to stone. I was sobbing at this point. And then, with a bang, Skye seems to explode from her stone shell, and causes and earthquake. We see Trip’s remains crumble into dust, and the horrified expression on Skye’s face. As the earth shakes, Mac seems to revert back to his former self, and Coulson attempts to help him. Fitz and Simmons, still above ground, hold each other in fear.

And then, for one last tease before the episode ends, we see… another obelisk? Glowing brightly. And a man on a phone, talking to someone about there being “another one”. When he turns around, we see that where his eyes should be, there is only skin. (cue screaming from hardcore MARVEL fans).

And with that, we are left to speculate until March. What will Skye’s special powers be, besides earthquakes? Will Coulson and Mac get out alive? What did Raina become? We did catch a glimpse of catlike eyes and claws on her hands before it cut to Skye. Is Trip gone for good? What will happen between FitzSimmons. Where did Cal go? Is Whitehall truly dead? What will be next for Ward, with Agent 33 by his side? (grips head) Too many questions…. It really is sad that so many people didn’t stick with the show thru the first season, and are now missing out on an amazing second round. What many people complained about was that the show was “too slow” or that there weren’t any superheroes. Well, I’ve got a flash for those people: That’s what makes this show so great. We got to know the characters. We got to love them and understand them without the constant running around. And the lack of superheroes? This show isn’t about superheroes. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is about ordinary heroes. Your average humans who use their abilities to save the world and help other people, even though they don’t have superpowers to help them. One of my favorite quotes of the show so far was back in the last episode of season 1, when Coulson talked about something that Nick Fury always said: “A man can do great things when he realizes that he is a part of something bigger”. And that sums up the heart of this show. The characters understand that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and that drives them to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Even when it’s dangerous. Even when it means they will die. They aren’t afraid because they understand that even though they might not have super speed, strength, or an Iron Suit, they can still change the world. And that is why I love this show so much. That is why I hope people will give it another chance.

Stay nerdy!


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